How to Make Ribbon Medallions

Today I don’t have a craft project for you but instead I have a simple idea that you can make to use on all sorts of different projects. 
I have two past projects that I have used these for and in one of them I actually shared the how to but it is kinda lost inside the post and it was from a few years ago so I thought I would make a post dedicated just to this. 
These are pretty easy and once you get the hang of them, you can make quite a few.
-Hot Glue Gun
-Yard Stick
-Fabric marker or pen
Begin by measuring your ribbon using a yard stick and cut one yard of ribbon.
Using a lighter, burn the edge of the ribbon to prevent fraying.
Time to make our marks.
Your first mark will be 1/4 in. from the edge of your ribbon.
Then move your ruler that your first 1/4 in. mark and continue marking your ribbon the whole way down every inch.
Time to get out your needle and thread. Thread your needle and start at the 1/4 in mark and push the needle from the FRONT to back. 
Then continue sewing down the ribbon on your marks front to back, back to front. 
Once you sew the whole ribbon push it completely down on itself and knot off your thread as close to the ribbon as possible. 
You should have a ruffle once you tie your knot. 
Now you need to sew the two ends together so it stays circular.
Cut a circle out of felt and press and fold the ribbon down at the center to flatten into the medallion.
 Mess with the ruffles until they are to your liking then glue the felt circle the the back of medallion.
Pick a fun button and glue the button to the front of the medallion and you are complete! 
And that’s it! 
You can make all sorts of color combinations and different sizes depending on the ribbon size.
 I have used these in two wreath projects but you could also put buttons on both sides and make ornaments. Use them as bows on gifts or any other way you would like! 
Here’s one of the wreaths that I used some really colorful medallions on.
What would you create with these? 

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  • Mary Mac
    October 21, 2017 at 11:48 am

    Lovely idea I can't wait to try this Thanks so much