“I met my Love in…” State Plaque

I’ve really like the state art I’ve seen out there and wanted to do something to add to our gallery wall. 
I didn’t want to just do a plain old state but wanted to relate it back to Travis and I so this is what I came up with. 
 It was rather easy so here is the how to.

-Scrapbook paper
-Wood Plaque- I used the tree slice plaques
-Photo Transfer Medium or just regular Mod Podge
-Cutting Machine of some sort
-Ink pad (optional)

I took a pencil and traced the inner circle of my tree slice to get the size of my paper.
Once I traced the circle, I placed my paper on it and rubbed my finger around where the line was so the graphite would transfer over to my paper.
Cut along line.

I have been wanting to try the Mod Podge Photo Transfer Medium for some time now so I thought I would give it a go on this project. It says this product works best with inkjet images but I had no problem using it with regular scrapbook paper.

I covered my scrapbook paper, design side, with the transfer medium. You want to make sure it is thick and your image is nice and covered.
At this point, you could just Mod Podge your piece of paper onto your plaque as well instead of using the Transfer medium.

I placed my paper onto my plaque, transfer medium side down, and smoothed it out.
Let dry for at least 24 hrs.

After the paper was good and dry after 24 hrs, it was time to remove the backing, I placed a large amount of water onto my paper to let it soak in for a few minutes before I started to remove it.

 I then used a damp sponge to remove the paper backing and expose my design.
Move your sponge in a circular motion to remove the backing.

I started in the center and worked my way out and around the paper.

Backing completely removed.
I then let my wood and paper dry completely before I proceeded.

I wanted to clean up the edges of the paper a little since you could still see some white from where the transfer medium came out from under the edges, so I just pulled out a small ink pad and used a paint brush to apply it to the edge.
I then placed a coat of regular Mod Podge over the entire piece.

Using my Silhouette Machine, I cut out our home state of Tennessee in gray vinyl.
 Next, I took some orange vinyl and cut out some little people figures.
I placed the girl figure where I am from in TN- Columbia.
I placed the boy figure where Travis is from in TN- Chattanooga.
And then I placed the couple holding hands where we met in TN- Cookeville which where we were going to college.
I decided it needed a little something extra so after some thinking I decided to add a little saying around the edges.
I added the saying, “I met my Love in Tennessee” to it in gray vinyl and it was just what it needed.
I added it to our gallery wall downstairs and I love it!! 
Now to just fill in around it with more frames! 🙂


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  • Marti @ SewLicious Home Decor
    September 12, 2013 at 12:46 am

    That looks nice! I love a wall filled with frames, it adds so much color.