Ice Cream Birthday Party Decorations

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As I previously shared, Miss P is officially 2!!

 The theme of her party was an Ice Cream Party theme and I think I may like how this party turned out better than her 1st Birthday, but only by a little bit! 😉
 I decided to throw her a party about 2 1/2-3 weeks before her birthday so I really had to go full swing into party planning mode once that decision was made!
Luckily, I knew that I wanted to do an ice cream party for quite some time so that was a big help when it came time to figuring out what I wanted to create or design.
Onto all the details!
Here are the invitations I created:
 I made these using Photoshop Elements.
I bought the ice cream cone image and the bunting flags on Etsy and they came together in a small digital design kit.
The rest of the elements, I already had and just coordinated all the colors.
I will start outside and work my way through the house with the decorations.
 Guests were greeted with this chalkboard sign I created.
I bought the sign at Wal-Mart and then just used Chalk Markers to decorate it.
I also hung my Summer Frame Wreath on the door to welcome the guests.
Guests would see the mantle first.
I didn’t change much of the decor for it, just added some large ice cream cone decorations and hung up a bunting banner in place of the braided ribbon garland.
Then, I just had guests place their presents around the mantle.
 Here is an up close shot of the ice cream cone decorations.
I added a few decorations to the shutters and placed some items on the console table as well.
I created this ice cream cone garland for the top of the shutters.
I designed this sign to match the invitations and just printed it out on a sheet of paper and taped it to some foam board.
On the console, I placed this little sign with some envelopes and a pen to make it easy for me to send thank you notes out after the party.
Then I just placed a double scoop ice cream cone next to it.
I placed the favors on the other end of the console.
I found the ice cream cone crazy straws at Toys R’ Us and the bought these mini ice cream cookies from Fairy Tale Bake Shoppe off Etsy.
I just created and printed the little thank you labels, again, matching the invitations.
On the dining room table, I placed a pink plastic table cloth and then used some of the scallop garland I created as a runner. Then I placed 3 double scoop ice cream cones.
Heading toward the kitchen now… On the small dining table I placed a round white plastic table cloth then cut some wrapping paper in a square for a little color. I already had the tulips so I placed them in the center of the table with some double scoop ice cream cones next to them.
Above the table, I hung two ice cream cone honeycombs that I bought from Target.
Across from the table, we moved our bar.
It was placed right behind the couch and I used it as the drink station.
I covered the bar in a yellow plastic table cloth and then placed the fun bunting banner that I found at Wal-Mart around the top rim.
I placed another large ice cream cone that I created on top and then used mason jars for cups again this year.
I found these awesome Mason Jar drink dispensers at Wal-Mart for only $10 so I HAD to snag them up!!
There was also bottle water and an ice bucket on the station as well.
How awesome are these drink dispensers?! LOVE!
I served Strawberry Lemonade and Sweet Tea again this year.
I made water bottle covers to match the invitations and printed them on some Label Wraps I found at Office Max.
Here is the dessert table.
I covered the table in a pink plastic table cloth and then used another one to make a skirt for the table. I gathered it every so often and use velcro to stick it to the table.
 On the wall behind that table, I hung wrapping paper on the wall and then hung scallop garland that I created from the ceiling.
On the left side of the table, I placed this chalkboard I created along with the bowls, spoons, and napkins.
In the center of the table, I placed the ice cream cone cupcakes I made.
I created chocolate with mint chocolate chip frosting cupcakes and then funfetti with strawberry frosting cupcakes.
I wrapped two gift boxes to make the cupcakes higher and on top of the one of the boxes, I placed a min muffin tin and wrap it with the box. We then cut holes in the top of the paper and this is how we held the cupcakes so they wouldn’t fall over.
In front of the cupcakes, were all the ice cream toppings.
I just placed different toppings in small glass bowls and taped labels to the bowls.
I also labels some syrup toppings I had placed in squeeze bottles.
I baked up some chocolate chip and sugar cookies so guests could make ice cream sandwiches if they wanted or they could just enjoy the cookies.
On the right side of the table, I placed two large ice cream cone decorations.
In one of the cups, I placed a purple glittered 2.
In front of the ice cream cones, I placed this frame that I found at Michaels and printed out another picture I designed.
Then in front of the sign, I made some Marshmallow Pops and placed them in another wrapped gift box.
Travis drilled holes in the box before I wrapped it and then we just used a small knife to find the holes before pushing through the sticks.
And lastly… the birthday girl.
My mom created the embroidered shirt for her and I made the tutu for her.
She looked awfully cute!
So there you have it!
Miss P’s 2nd birthday ice cream party!

Stay tuned because I have tutorials for many of the items I created for her party!


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  • Leslie Germain
    June 10, 2014 at 11:56 pm

    Looks like a lot of fun. Those ice cream cones made with the honeycombs is adorable. Love what you did with the shutters! Happy Birthday to you little one.

  • Britni Vigil
    June 15, 2014 at 12:06 am

    You did an awesome job Alison, love it!