I’m a SAVVI Stylist

Hello everyone! I have been meaning to share this news with all of you for a long time now and just haven’t sat down to write this post.

Back in November, I took the leap into the retail world and became a stylist for the Savvi Company.

This is a pretty big stretch for me. I am not one to join a network marking program nor really put myself out there to try to sell things. I hate dealing with customer service in my normal day to day life and now that is what I have to do. So why did I decide to join Savvi then?!

I had a friend selling it and I have really enjoyed all the clothing pieces that I bought from her. So after some thought, I decided, why not? Why not try it out? Why not share the clothing that I really love with my friends and family? Why not take the risk and join this young company and see where it grows and where I grow? So I took that leap.

Savvi has fantastic clothing for everyday use, work clothes, dresses, a brand new FIT line that launched in January as well as a LUXE line with timeless pieces to last for years. The pieces are reasonably priced as well which is always a plus in my book. Plus, there are some many more exciting things to come with Savvi so stay tuned! 🙂

My shop is called Two Chickadees Boutique. I went with this name for my two little chickadees, Miss P and Miss S. I have a Two Chickadees Boutique Facebook page and Facebook Group that you can join me on and do some shopping there or straight from the Savvi App. I would love to help you fall in love with Savvi like I have so come join me on Facebook.

I also have an Two Chickadees Boutique Instagram account that you can follow along with.

Savvi releases new products or promos for the Everyday line every Thursday morning at 11 am MST and then release all new pieces for the FIT Line every Friday at 11 am MST for FIT Friday.

There is something for everyone! The sizes range from XS all the way to 3X. How awesome is that?!?! Some items in the FIT line don’t have quite that large of range with sizes but there are notes on each item that will tell you if it runs large, small, etc.

I would really love if you guys would come and join me on my SAVVI Journey! Come join and shop the Facebook Group with me. I really hope you fall in love with Savvi like I have and who knows… maybe you’ll want to join me on this journey as well. 🙂

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