June “Craft with Me”

The end of June is here which means I normally share the month’s “Craft with Me” post.
Instead of a new craft this month, I am sharing a little suggestion. 

If you don’t have time to craft like you’d like, go out and buy yourself a sketchbook and try to do something creative in it every day.

I bought a sketchbook at Wal-Mart but obviously there are many options at craft stores as well. 
 It had a plan black front and I just wrote the word “sketch” on it but you could decorate it any way you’d please. 
Then… go to town! 
Sit down and draw, paint, hand letter, any thing that you’d like.
Hone your skills or just play around!
 It is your sketchbook so anything goes!! 
I just recently got my sketchbook and have started using it. I
definitely haven’t worked in it everyday like I’d like but I can’t wait
to do more. Hopefully it will inspire me to do more things! 
 So if you don’t have time to craft and be creative, try to just sit down and fill out one page a day. It will help you relax and perhaps get those creative juices flowing better for the time when you can craft. 
Now go out, grab that sketchbook and have fun!!


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