Last Minute Teacher Gift Idea from Cherished Bliss

 Ashley from Cherished Bliss is here today!
Hello everyone! I’m Ashley (the DIYer) from Cherished Bliss, and I’m so excited to be here helping Allison out today while she’s spending some time with that precious baby!! 
If I had to describe myself in just a few words, “last minute” would probably have to be two of them! I always feel like I’m running one step behind, forgetting things left and right. It’s normal when you are mom right? I sure hope so… lol. But for now, I just try to embrace my fast paced life and do things that I can complete as quickly as possible without going to the store! 
So today I’m sharing with you a great Teacher’s Christmas Gift Idea that requires just a few things you probably already have on hand! Last Minute Teacher Gift IdeaSupplies: 

– Mason Jar 

– Scrapbook Paper 
– Tea Bags 
– Baker’s Twine (optional) 
– Washi Tape (optional)


1.The first thing you will need to do is just measure the height of your mason jar before it starts to curve, and cut a strip of paper to that width. Then just roll it up and stick it inside the jar. You can cut off the excess if you want, I just left mine there. 
2. Then I just filled it with some tea bags that I already had in the cabinet. I am a major tea junkie so I keep lots of flavors stocked!

Mason Jar Teacher Gift 

3. Then I just embellished the jar a little bit by putting some washi tape around the mason jar lid, tying some baker’s twine around the jar. 
All these things are totally up to you! You could even add a cute little printable on there if you want, but I was trying to keep this super easy so you could make it cute, fun, and totally doable in just a few minutes!

Mason Jar Gift Idea 

I also taped on a cute piece of scrapbook paper I punched out on top of the lid, just because I happened to have a hole punch and some tape right there! Don’t you just love when that happens?? 
Now you are done! A fun little gift to help remind your teacher how much she helps TEAch our kids! 
I usually throw in a starbucks gift card too, because teachers deserve coffee… lots and lots of coffee! I know if I taught Kindergarten I would have to add Starbucks to my budget! : ) 
I hope you enjoyed this little Last Minute Gift Teacher Gift! 
I’d love to have you stop by and say hi! 
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Hope you have a beautiful day! 
My sister and I would love to meet you so feel free to stop on on by and say Hi!
Are you new here? Let’s get to know each other!
Thanks for sharing Ashley! 


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  • Pam Jackson
    December 17, 2013 at 8:30 pm

    Great idea.