Life with Little Girls…

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 If you don’t have a little girl, or in my case multiple little girls in your life, it sure is interesting!! 
I LOVE my girls! 
Couldn’t imagine having little boys but they definitely change your world, like any child would, but they change your home just as much! 
 The color pink just begins to force itself into your decor no matter how hard you try to keep it away. 
Toys, blankets, tables, you name… those girlie pinks appear!

 Have you heard of the invasion of the Baby Dolls?!
Baby dolls just begin to multiple before your eyes! 
These are only a few of ours invaders.
And activities that involve those baby dolls are around the clock fun! 
They get carried to the stores with you, they get pushed around in strollers around the house, they get fed, and of course, get put to bed with those little girls.
Living room tea parties and picnics become daily activities. 
And notice those baby dolls are hanging around for the fun too! 
Closets that were once used for storage soon get filled with cute frilly, girlie clothes… mostly pink at that. 
And the hair bows! 
Holy cow, the hair bows! 
These are just Miss P’s hair bows and Miss S’ stash is growing rapidly as well! 
Little girls sure make life fun!
Their tiny voices are so adorable as they say “mama,” “dada” and “I love you.”
But my little girls have a dark side. 
Beside the little attitudes that show up, oh so early, these girls have stinky diapers that can rival many adult males!! 
That is when our Diaper Genies come to the rescue!! 
And yep… our Diaper Genies are accessorized with bows and necklaces too!
Two girls in diapers require multiple odor control sources.
We used to have another brand when Miss P was first born and it broke, twice, so I am thrilled we finally got smart and switched to a Diaper Genie and they are fabulous!
And gotta love the easy refill packs that you can buy.
I normally buy my refills at Target and that is exactly where I picked these up. 
And right now, receive a $25 Spa Finder Wellness gift card (while supplies last!) after purchasing 3 or more varieties of Diaper Genie Refills at Target and by saving your Target receipt and going to the following website:
And can’t forget the fun when it comes to throwing the diapers into the Diaper Genie! 
Miss P used to slam dunk it in and say “BOOM” but that now has changed.
Dance parties are all the rage in our house as of late so that is what happens now after we throw a diaper away. 
Though, I can’t wait until those dance parties can happen after Miss P uses the potty and then when JUST Miss S throws her diaper away! 
So if you are a momma-to-be or know a momma-to-be, get yourself a Diaper Genie for ALL those dirty diapers!


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