Lillian Vernon Product Review

** This post is sponsored by Lillian Vernon. All opinions are 100% my own. **
I recently had the opportunity to review a product from Lillian Vernon.
A terrific shop full of gift ideas for everyone in your life, home decor, outdoor decor, and much, much more! 
I browsed the items available to me and as soon as I saw this item I knew I would have one SUPER happy little girl on my hands if I got this for her.
I picked the “Supermodel” Doll-in-a-Pink-Trunk with Accessories and I was so anxious for it to arrive. I had to wait to see it until we got back in town from TN but it was the first box I opened when the mail lady delivered our mail.
I opened the box and saw this adorable little trunk waiting inside.
You can personalize many items on their site, for FREE, so I had Miss P’s name put on the trunk.
When you open the trunk, you’ll find a pretty little doll inside along with all her accessories just waiting to be played with. 

Can we just talk about this doll for a moment?
How pretty is she?! 
I adore her head full of hair, and I know Miss P will too, and her outfit is so pretty as well.
She stands 7 1/2″ tall and is a soft vinyl doll with open and close eyes.
And boy, does this doll have the accessories!
She comes with a total of 8 outfits, the one she has on and then 7 additional for ALL occasions.
She has the lovely red and white party dress on when you get her but let’s take a look at her other options.
 Is your doll going on a elegant night on the town? Place the evening dress on her. 
Or is she just hanging out with her friends shopping? Place her in her denim jacket and floral skirt.
How about a cute plaid jacket for a little fun?
Or perhaps she just wants to be comfortable in a big hoodie and skirt.
When she is tired, put on her fleece red pajamas and slippers.
If it is raining, she can wear her yellow rain jacket.
Or maybe she just wants to dress up a little bit with a plaid skirt and red top. 
ALL outfits come with a matching pair of shoes too! How fun is that?!
A small comb also comes in the trunk to brush her beautiful hair.
As well as a cute sleeping bag and pillow- every girl needs their beauty rest right?!
7 hangers come with the outfits so you can hang up the clothes on the hook inside the truck. There is also a small drawer in the trunk for all the shoes and small accessory pieces.
Perfect way to help keep everything in one place and organized! 
There is even a mirror on the opposite side of the trunk. 
I love this little set and can’t wait to give it to Miss P for Christmas! I hope she loves it just as much as I do! 
I am kinda jealous really! I would have LOVED this when I was little. I may end up playing with this more than her. hehe 😉
Now, if you don’t mind, she needs to rest up before she is given to a little girl on Christmas morning.
Please leave quietly! 😉
Be sure to check out all the other great items over at Lillian Vernon
Here are just a couple fun items you can find.

 Trust me, you can definitely knock some Christmas gifts off your list!


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  • Our Pinteresting Family
    November 20, 2014 at 2:03 pm

    I remember ordering from them when I was a kid, and I completely forgot about this company. I am going to have to check them out. That doll case is adorable.