Little House on the Prairie Birthday Party

When you have five kids and a small budget and not a ton of extra time you have to get creative with how you celebrate their birthdays. All three of our girls have their birthdays in October and it’s also our Anniversary month. So we decided a while back that we would make their birthday special by taking the birthday kid out to breakfast, then letting them pick what they wanted me to make for dinner and the flavor and decorations on their cake. We then let them have a big “friend” birthday party when they turn 1, 5 and 10. And this year my fourth child turned 5. How is that possible!! 
The theme she chose for her birthday party is an Autumn Harvest Party…and I would tell you all about it but the party isn’t until this coming Saturday. But I am VERY excited about her party because we have a family from church who has agreed to bring their horse so all the party guests can ride the horse. My girls LOVE horses so this will be a really fun surprise for them. We’ve been lucky with the spacing of the kids because there won’t be a year where two kids have big parties in the same year. But I will be throwing at least one party every year for a while!! And that’s okay because I love to throw a good “theme” party every once in a while.
I ask my kids to pick a theme early enough so I can start pinning ideas and making things ahead of time for the party. Of course I always run out of time and don’t get to everything I wanted to. This year I totally forgot to mail invitation so I had to do a Facebook message and that totally drives me nuts!!
Last year my oldest turned 10 and she picked a “Little House on the Prairie” theme and we had a really fun party!!! I love putting together parties and would love to do this for other people as well. I set up and “Olsen’s mercantile” in our patio and we played games and did some crafts. We asked the girls to dress up like Laura and Mary too. It was a great time!! 
Here are some pictures from her party.

My friend Kellee made the cookies and we used them as party favors!! She’s making some again this year for Abi’s party!!

Naomi asked for a pie instead of a cake and I think it fit the theme perfectly!!

The girls did a little painting…

and sewing…

And they all had some personalized gifts to take home!

They also played some games, drop the pin in the bucket and a potato sack race. 
The girls all had a really good time and I was wiped out!! It was so much fun creating these memories with these girls for my daughter…it was just a few months later that we found out we would be moving. I’m so glad she had this time with her friends!!

I can’t wait to share a little bit about Abi’s birthday party next month!! 
How do you make your kids birthdays extra special?!
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