Living Room and Foyer Reveal

I hope you aren’t tired of house posts yet because I have one more for you today.
I already shared our dining room with you and then the construction portion of opening up our downstairs area to the stairs last week but I never shared the full reveal of our foyer and living room so today I am doing just that! 
I will back track a little bit first.
This is our living room when we moved into the house. Beige walls, olive green carpet, lace treatments on the windows, and closed up wall.

 And this is the other side of the room.
Even though there were a good amount of windows, it felt kinda dark to me in here. 
We ripped up the old carpets to find this mess of the original hardwood floors.
So with the help from my parents, we sanded those bad boys down in preparation to refinish them.

Plus, we painted the walls the same white as the dining room because as I mentioned before, white was just calling to me in this house for some reason and I wanted to keep the walls light and airy with all the woodwork throughout the house.

When it came time to finally stain the floors, I had to get creative with the floors that were in the closet that would be opened up to the foyer.
Since the floors ran under the wall that was coming down, I couldn’t just stain the whole floor in there because when it came time to meet the stained area, it would be hard to blend so I taped off certain boards so they wouldn’t get stained and that way everything would blend much better once the wall was torn down and all the floors refinished.

And then it came time to stain the floors.
Luckily, we learned some tricks from redoing to dining room floors. We still had a touch up a few spots before applying the second coat but we got them done!

They are a lot darker than I wanted to go but in order to hide some of the large gaps we had to fill in the dining room, we had to go dark.
They do look good though!

Here you can see what the floors in the entry and my taped off area looked like before they were stained.
I had to sand the foyer floors and then they were ready to stain.

I was super nervous if they would blend in well, especially after how light they looked after the first coat but after the second coat was applied, they blended right in seamlessly! What a relief!
We ripped the carpet off the stairs. Still need to paint the risers and clean up the treads. We are still debating if we are going to add stain to them to darken them a touch.

Remember that vent that was in the wall, the metal was cut down so we could place the vents into the floor. There was a tiny bit of floor missing that was at the edge of the old wall so we had to figure out what to do about that. One of the guys working on our house had this idea to trim down the wood on the long sides of the vent and then frame out the vent to fill the gap. Worked out well!

Again, we got a new front door for the house. We reversed the swing of it so it will be much easier to open and greet guests.
Originally when the construction crew replaced the door, they put the old molding back around the door. It was a light color, and a totally different style than the rest of the molding downstairs since that molding was added when the upstairs was added. We decided to take that molding back down and replace it molding that was around the old closet door that was taken down. We stained it darker to match the finish of the door and it looks so much better now that it matches the rest of the downstairs trim.

We also replaced the old light fixture which was practically just a bulb in the ceiling and then added the little shelf by the door. That also has to get painted out still and then we are going to added a few hooks to it so guests can hang their coats.
And the plan is to restain the trim around the window as well to match better to the rest of the downstairs.

We left the little closet that was inside the old closet. Right now it is as it was but I plan on painting it out white as well to break up so much wood in this small little area.

I am really happy with how the whole project turned out!

Now onto the living room!

Standing at the front door, this is the view of the living room.

And here is a glimpse of the living room if you were coming down the stairs.

When you first walk through the arch, our entertainment center is on the small wall to the right. We mounted our tv on the wall and then I placed out gallery wall above it to help break up the giant black hole that is our tv. Normally the tv is turned into the room for better viewing. And then the toy basket is shoved in the corner by the entertainment center.

 This is the angle the tv sits most days.
We sold our old sofa and loveseat before we moved and decided to use the sleeper sofa that was in our loft in our old house as our main sofa. Then Travis just had to get leather chair for himself.
I actually bought another chair to from a cute little store in town that still needs to be redone. That will sit on the other side of the little round table next to his leather chair. I have the fabric for it but it has a TON of tufting and I haven’t decided yet if I am tackling it myself or taking it to upholstery that lives down the street.

I bought gray and white curtain panels online at Target along with the rods and they look great in the space. No more dirty, dusty lace not letting light through!

Here is the view from the couch of the tv corner. The shelf is the faux mantle I had Travis build me to put up for Christmas and well, it is still up even though it wasn’t suppose to be still. lol

Standing next to the Leather chair, there is a view of the whole opposite side of the room plus foyer.
Here is another new rug that again was found at TJ Max/Homegoods. Every rug in this house was bought there or Target! lol We placed our old living room rug in our master bedroom so we needed a new one. When I found this one we both agreed on it and liked the color tones so it came home with us.
I also had to buy a new coffee table. The old yellow one got a little banged up in our move so it got moved up to the playroom and I found this one on Amazon. Looks great!

Just because I really love the way this space is opened up now, you can see this view again.
That cool mirror by the porch door was also a Homegoods find. And the little table under it used to be in our formal living room and was white. I painted it up gray to fit in the space better.
Between the couch and chair is another new little table. Got it at the same shop as the chair that will eventually be in the room. Then hung my “Life’s an adventure” pallet art in the corner.
I am really happy with how the room turned out!
It works well for our little family!
It is definitely a big change!

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  • Nikki G
    April 11, 2016 at 2:56 pm

    Great changes! Your floor is fantastic and I love the whole openness you gave your living room. I am envious of all those windows.

  • Chic by Irena
    April 12, 2016 at 5:46 pm

    Very nice! I love it, especially the floor! It is better like open space and looks warm and friendly!

  • Margo
    April 14, 2016 at 10:20 am

    What a beautiful and bright living room! You did a great job on the floors!

  • Unknown
    April 15, 2016 at 12:04 pm

    Great job on the floors!! Quite an improvement.