Master Bathroom Makeover Reveal

Ever since we bought and moved into our house we wanted to redo our master bathroom. It is a good size but the vanities were absolutely ridiculous and there was zero storage. 
Every single room in our house that we had planned on getting a makeover, got its makeover already and that just left our bathroom as the ugliest room in our house. 
We knew that even though we will be moving this year and probably selling our house, we HAD to get our bathroom makeover completed. So while Travis was off work over Christmas break, we decided now was the time to tackle it. 
I am so thrilled it is done!! Ok, truthfully, it is 90% done but I just couldn’t wait to share it with you guys. 
Here is it! 
We placed down tile floors and replaced the vanities while leaving the tub and shower alone. We were just giving it a facelift.
 Now, let me show you the before…
Orange oak cabinets, crappy laminate tops, linoleum floors… nothing great what so ever! 
These linoleum floors were in different places throughout house when we bought it and this was the last room it remained.
This was our lovely vanities. It was a small 30 inch cabinet with doors only and then an open space that we assume is for a bench for a makeup vanity area. Both vanities had this. My vanity was burned from the previous owner’s straightner or curling iron on the laminate counters and then the sink was an above mount sink.
 So we ripped out both vanities and got to work laying the new tile.
We played around with the pattern before we placed it down and decided to do a herringbone pattern in the end. 
Once we decided on the pattern, I got to putting it all down. 
The linoleum was stuck down very well, without bubbles anywhere, so we opted to apply the tile right on top. 
I have to state that I am quite proud of myself! I pretty much put the entire floor down by myself. I layed all this on a Friday night and then Saturday Travis did help with the cutting while I measured the pieces and then put them down after he cut! Go me! I also couldn’t stand up and walk from being on my knees so long but that’s another story. lol
Here are the floors completely done and looking fabulous! I pushed the tile straight up to each other for minimal grout lines
We bought the tile from Lowe’s- it is Leonia Silver Glazed Porcelain.
 Here is a straight on shot. It is hard to take a picture and get the true color of it. Definitely lighter and more gray and beige tones. We used a lighter gray/beige grout which is pretty much the color of the light lines in the tile.
 Next it was time to install our new, lovely, lots of storage vanities.
We opted to go with a dark brown wood this go around to play off the light floors. 
We also got these at Lowe’s have loved these cabinets FOREVER! We finally decided let’s go for them and then found out they were discontinued and our store didn’t have them but another Lowe’s in northern Co Springs had them. Travis drives up there and purchases them and has them deliver them the next day. 
The cabinets arrive and one of them is completely cracked ALL the way down the front. UGH! We sent it back and prayed they had another… NOPE! These were the last 2 they had. So the store worked with us and tried to hunt down any other ones for us. We ended up having to drive up to Denver to a store up there to get a second vanity. Blah! It was a pain but thankfully we found 2 and they were both good.
The new vanities have 4 drawers and then doors in the center. So TONS of storage, in which I still have to fill since we literally JUST completed this Sunday night.
And don’t mind the streaks on the cabinet… I used a cleaner to wipe them all down and of course left streaks galore.
We then bought a solid white counter with an integrated sink for a nice clean look and we love it! 
And that would be the MAJOR part of the renovation complete!
We still plan on framing out the window and both mirrors. 
I actually still need to caulk and touch up the base boards (told you I was excited to share this!). 
I have been desperately trying to find new rugs for our bathroom FOREVER now so when I finally find something I like OR that actually has the amount I need, our mismatch, leftover from other houses, green rugs will get replaced. 
I need to decide if the random shelf that was in the bathroom when we bought the house is staying. If so, I will paint it white and figure out what to put on it. 
And figure out any other accessories for the room.
But I am SOOO thrilled the major part of the renovation is complete! I love it! 

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  • Our Pinteresting Family
    January 13, 2015 at 4:02 pm

    It looks beautiful! I love the tile you chose. You really did a great job with the installation. Glad you were able to find two vanities. They look great!

  • Pam Jackson
    January 13, 2015 at 4:22 pm

    Loving that new look.