Master Bathroom Reveal Part 1

So do you remember way back in September I mentioned starting construction on our house to turn the once kitchen for a rental unit upstairs into a master bathroom? 
If you don’t, I’m not surprised! The project took forever to complete with the construction crew and then we had to wait forever for our final piece to be completed.
The good news?! The final piece got installed this past weekend so I can finally share our bathroom with you! YAHOOOO!!
I’m not going to share the full reveal with you today. I decided to break these posts up because there are so many pictures that the post would be WAY too long so I decided that 2 or 3 posts would be much better, for all of us involved. 
So let me refresh your minds on what the room looked like when we bought the house.
This kitchen was built in the 40s along with the rest of the upstairs when it was turned into an apartment during WWII and pretty much was never touched since.
The opposite side of the room is a small broom closet and the previous owners put up rods and a shelf on top to use it as their closet.
Our bedroom is what used to be the old living room when this was an apartment and is adjoined to this space, so since it already had plumbing, it would be a perfect master bath.
We began by measuring out the room and then taking painters tape to figure out the full layout that way if something didn’t work quite like we thought, we could just rip up the tape and try again.
This is looking into the room from the door where we placed the shower straight ahead and then we would build a wall for an actual closet.
To the left of the shower, we figured we had enough room for the toilet and a linen closet in the corner. 
Obviously all these cabinets would be removed to make room for the new bathroom fixtures. 

The area below the window would be open but we would place a towel rod there because there is no other good spot for it in the room.
 Then as we keep circling around to the left, the vanity would be on this wall.
It is the wall the door opens up to so we originally just planned a 60 inch vanity but then realized we could fit a 72 inch vanity and would still room for door clearance.
Standing in front of the windows and looking at the other side of the room, you will see where we planned on building the wall for the closet and putting in a pocket door. We would take down all the current shelves but keep the old broom closet and make it a shoe closet.
So after speaking with a few contractors, we picked one and got to work mid September.
They started by ripping out all the cabinets and then cutting holes in the floor and walls to run all the plumbing to the shower, toilet, and new sinks.
The electrician also came to run new electrical outlets, get rid of a few old ones, and set up new lights and switches. 
And they also built the new closet wall including the pocket door frame.
Then this is how our bathroom sat, for WEEKS!! 
To say we were frustrated was an understatement. 
Thankfully, work downstairs was still happening but when things come to a grinding halt you are bound to get frustrated.
Thankfully, after weeks of trying to figure out who was going to do the plumbing, things finally got going.
They had to run an entire new stack down to the basement and luckily they were able to run it down the wall where an existing vent pipe was so there weren’t any new holes in our walls or extra plumbing running through other rooms in our house. 
Then all the new plumbing for the sinks, toilets, and shower were ran along with the water lines. 
And to say that I was SOOO excited to see plywood back on the floor was a very exciting day! lol
And to also see dry wall over the holes in the wall I was even more thrilled! 
They also had to close up a vent in the wall that was directly where the new wall was built and move it up into the ceiling. 
Things kinda slowed down yet again but not too much since they had to prep the room for all the tile work that was going to happen. 
They covered the floors with cement board and put mold free drywall on the main shower wall.
Then the new closet wall was also dry walled. 
The dry wall guy went up there to make sure all the seams were good to go and that all the old walls were patched up and fixed in preps for paint.
Then an exciting part was finally going to happen- tile and finishing touches!! 
And that is where I will pick up next week so stay tuned!! 

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