Master Bathroom Reveal Part 2

Last week I shared Part 1 of our master bathroom with you and what the room looked like before and how we planned the layout of our new bathroom. 
Today, I am going to show you the elements that we picked for our bathroom and some of the finishing touches before sharing the full reveal with you tomorrow.
I’ll start where I left off. 
After they covered all the walls and patched the floor, it was time to get the shower prepped for tile. FINALLY! 
I was so excited about this day. 
The two guys showed up. They were upstairs for a few hours with some of the other workers. They stayed late and I was happy when they left so I could take a peak and when I did, NOTHING was done!! 
To say I was upset, yet again, was an understatement. 
Apparently, they were up there fixing a prior mistake. The hot and cold water lines were not installed properly so they had to start there. Then, they discovered that a screw was drilled straight into one of the new pipes that were run and that had to be fixed otherwise we would have had a slow leak or a giant flood one day. I’m thankful they found it but it was just another thing that wasn’t done properly the first time. 
Once the tile guys showed back u they got the base of the shower all installed along with the wall nook. 
They then began by tiling the walls.
We used white subway tile on the walls and small white hexagon tiles in the back of the nook.
Toward the top of the shower we added two rows thin tiles just to add a small detail and break up the straight subway. 
We also placed the small white hexagons on the floor of the shower as well. 
Then everything was grouted with a dark gray grout.
I’m thrilled we went with the dark gray. 
The tiles pop and not to mention the fact it will hide the dirt over time like how lighter grout eventually gets. 
We chose to tile the floors in a white and gray hexagonal tile. 
Since the house was built in 1905, we wanted it to have a the look of that error with the tile but something that would also be timeless. 
The floor tile was also grouted in the dark gray.
But before the tiled was laid, we installed in floor heating and to say it was awesome this winter is an understatement. 
And at this point, the painted were also able to come in and paint the walls white. 
And this was also the point where my contractor was driving me batty with his snarky comments about how white the entire room was. I kept telling him that I wanted the room bright since it wasn’t that large and that I had plans to add color. But enough about that.
And here is how I was going to add that color. 
I used a my wall stencil from Cutting Edge Stencil, the Marrakech Trellis Allover Stencil, and applied it all over the walls in coral paint.
 My mom and I quickly did this before they installed the toilet while the crew was waiting for reinforcements to carry up the super heavy vanity upstairs.
And thankfully they did manage to get up the steps in one piece!! 
I’m in love with our vanity. The top was already on it and it even came with two mirrors.
I found it on Amazon after a TON of searching. I may have went over budget on it but it is seriously worth it! It has soft close doors and drawers as well.
 And then on that pretty vanity, sit these super pretty faucets.
I found them online at Home Depot and it was no question that they would be coming to our house to live. 
One of the best things about them, the spout actually moves back and forth, similar to a kitchen faucet, so you can easily rinse out your sink. 
As for the lighting, we kept the original overhead light because we liked the style of it. 
Then I found these vanity lights, also at Home Depot
They look great above the each sink.
Alright, that’s the last of the finishing touches I can show you without showing you the entire bathroom itself.
Stay tuned tomorrow for the full reveal! 🙂

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  • Kmatti
    March 16, 2016 at 8:21 pm

    Allison, congrats on a finished project. Your master bath turned out gorgeous. I love all your finishes. It really came together so lovely. Your vanity is perfect. How lucky you were to find it. I was wondering if you could share the dimensions—just length and width. Can't wait to see how the rest of your remodeling turns out. Best wishes!