MHCT&M: Creative Uses for Vinyl Scraps

Happy Friday everyone and welcome to another Must Have Tip Post! 🙂 


 All month long with have been sharing way to help bust through those scrap piles of materials you may have sitting around to make some awesome, creative projects.

I don’t throw away any materials that I think I can still get more use out of so needless to say I have my fair share of scraps sitting around my craft room, from paper to fabric, but today I am going to share with you ways to use all those Vinyl Scraps you may have sitting around.



 There are so many great ideas out there that I am sure you will be able to put a dent into your scrap pile! Check out these ideas for inspiration.


 Get out those tiny pieces and create a Lego inspired shirt (The Scrap Shoppe)

 Create a colorful jar to hold your favorite yummy sweets (Expressions Vinyl)

 Update a letter or a frame by adding vinyl sprinkles to it (Where the Smiles Have Been)

 How about dressing up some plain glassware by giving them a confetti look?! So cute! (The Scrap Shoppe)

 Cut out lots of dots and make a design using them in place of rhinestones. Create the image silhouette or use the dots to create the image itself. (Create & Babble)

 Cut out the Grinch’s face and apply it to cups, bags, mugs, whatever to create a fun gift. (That’s What Che Said)

 How adorable are these little vinyl pocket pets?! I want to add one to all my shirts with pockets! (Siser Blog)

 Dress up plain knobs with the use of scrap vinyl pieces (The Scrap Shoppe)

Use pieces to dress up plain tea towels.
I love this Christmas tea towel idea! (Silhouette School)

 Monograms! If you have a small square of vinyl, you can definitely create a monogram to place on ANYTHING! Hairbrushes, shirts, phone cases, wallets, bows, pockets, the possibilities are endless! Who doesn’t love a monogram!? (The Craft Patch)

 Add some flair to your nails using small vinyl images! (Expressions Vinyl)

 Add some fun to the side of plain sunglasses (Twinkle

 Have a plain umbrella? Add some colorful raindrops for some fun! Love it!! (Expressions Vinyl)

 Dress up plain pots or mugs with vinyl faces. (PMQ for Two)

 Cut many colored pieces together in the same design to form one large pattern on a pencil pouch or makeup bag. (Craftables)

 Add some fun and flair to wine glasses. (Mine for the Making)


 Don’t forget to have fun with those phone chargers too! (A Girl and a Glue Gun)

There are so many fabulous ways you can use vinyl scraps!
Which was your favorite idea? What have you created using vinyl scraps?

Thanks for joining us for another Must Have Tip post!
Come back Friday, September 7th for a whole new month of topics! 🙂





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