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Hello, my friends! We are back for another week of must-have kitchen ideas and today I am sharing organizing hacks with you. 



Whether or not you are on the Marie Kondo kick, organizing your kitchen at the start of the year is such a great idea. Getting rid of things you don’t need or use and finding a place for the things you do need and use makes it easier to find things in your kitchen. I always feel better when I know where things are, when they are easily accessible, and when they are somewhat tidy. 

So today let’s take a look at these 10 must-have kitchen organizing hacks you will love! 



Organizing your kitchen is easy with these hacks! 


There are MANY kitchen hacks across the internet, but my focus was really on practical hacks that I would actually use and find helpful. 



 Kitchen organization hack 

Acrylic labeled drawers



Simple water bottle storage solution!


 Water bottle storage



Use baskets to organize in the kitchen.


 Baskets in the kitchen 


 Create a kitchen charging station for electronics. 

  Kitchen charging station



Great hack for kitchen appliance cords! 

  Cord Bundlers for appliance cords



Use magazine racks to hold your canned foods.


 Magazine rack for canned foods



Use containers to create a snack station for kids. 

  Snack station for kids



Use hooks inside of cabinets for more storage.


  Hooks in cabinets 


 Use a cake plate to store soaps and sponges.


 Soap cake plate



Put bulk food into jars and baskets and label with vinyl.


 Kitchen labels 



Aren’t these kitchen hacks great? 

They are all very simple to implement into your own kitchen and will hopefully provide you with some organization that makes you feel good to be in the kitchen! 

 My biggest tip is to pick one that looks like it might work for you, and go from there. 


Okay, friends! Enjoy your weekend organizing that kitchen a bit and we’ll see you back here, same time same place, for more must-have kitchen ideas!







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