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Kara from Mine for the Making here and this week I am sharing Paint Storage Ideas! 


I am really in the mood to purge and organize all the things, but it’s much simpler and less overwhelming if I break it down into rooms or categories. 

So today, my focus is on organizing my paint collection, and maybe it’s something you need to organize too!  




There are all kinds of ways to organize and store your paint. 

The key is finding what works for you and your space. 

Here are some really great ideas to inspire you to organize your paint collection too! 



 Color coordinate your paints in a crate that has different compartments.



 Store paints in buckets or baskets. Step it up a notch more and hang them on the wall. 



  Use a dresser to store your paints! You can add dividers or baskets if necessary. 



 Hang your paint from the wall by making these PVC and wire shelves!



 This fold down desk is pretty cool and even has paint storage built right in. 



  Photo boxes are great for storing smaller bottles of paint.  



  A hanging shoe storage bag for spray paint? Genius!



  Spice racks can hold paints as well! 



  This DIY rolling paint storage is really cool and convenient for small spaces.  



 DIY shelves or a hutch works great for paint storage too. 

Be sure to measure your paint bottles and cans so you make your shelves the right height! 



And there you have it, friends! Ten different ways to inspire you to organize and store you paint in a more convenient way for you. 


Do you have any other paint storage ideas? We’d love to hear from you!





Join us next week for more organizing tips! 

Have a great weekend, y’all!




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