MHCT&M: Sewing- Tips for Sewing with Kids

Hello there and welcome to another week of Must Have Craft Tips- hosted by Michele of The Scrap Shoppe, Bev of Flamingo Toes, Allison of A Glimpse Inside, and me (Kara of Mine for the Making).
 Every week we share a fun and different tip or trick and this month it’s all about sewing! 
This week I am sharing Tips for Sewing with Kids… what a great summer activity to get your kids involved in! 


Tip #1 Gather and use the correct sewing tools.  
Before setting your child down to learn to sew, be sure you have all the necessary sewing tools. It’s also a good idea to talk about the names of the tools and what they are used for. 

Here are 10 sewing tools/supplies you’ll need to get started. 
Tip #2 Utilized hand sewing cards. 
There are so many of these free printables online and they are easy to make yourself too. This is a great hand-on activity that is also great for fine motor skills. You can even utilize this activity while on a road trip, airplane, or camping! 


Tip #3 Learn the machine. 
If your child will be sewing using a sewing machine, it’s important to teach about the parts of the machine and how to safely use and operate it. This will eliminate future problems and create a much easier learning environment.



Tip #4 Sewing Camp!
Create a sewing camp for your kid(s) or if you aren’t well versed in sewing, seek out and find a sewing camp or class that your kid(s) can take. They will be able to participate and get a hands-on learning experience with other kids who are learning the same skills. 


Tip #5 Practice!! 
 Practice makes progress. There are tons of beginner project ideas for sewing by hand and sewing with a machine. Utilize Pinterest and blogs for great ideas and free patterns.
I hope you find these tips for sewing with kids useful! 
Be sure to click on the links within the post to get further information, ideas, and freebies related to sewing with kids. 
Do you have any tips not mentioned? 
 Let us know if there’s any topics of interest you might have, and we’d love to gather up tips and tricks for you! 
Have a great weekend friends! 



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