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One of my favorite mediums to work with is wood. I love the versatility, the look, the smell, and the ability to make anything with it. My husband and I work with wood often, so we end up having a couple of crates of scraps. I’d rather not waste the wood, so I thought it would be fun to look up scrap wood projects and share some that I have made as well. 
Use up your scrap wood and make fun DIY projects. 
 Although I don’t want to throw the scrap wood out, I also don’t want it to pile up and not get used. Using the scrap wood for projects that are beautiful and/or useful is my goal. 
There are so many ideas, so today I’ll just share my favorites with you.  
 Use scrap wood to make a beachy sign.


 Make a rustic wood bath caddy.  




Use scrap wood to make state cutouts.  

  Scrap wood state cutouts



Make some coasters out of scrap barn wood. 

  Scrap barn wood coasters 



  Reclaimed Wood Candy Corn 


 Make a pallet tray using scrap wood.


 Pallet serving tray 


 Make a votive candle holder out of scrap wood. 

  Scrap wood votive holder



Make a tree box out of scrap wood.


 Scrap wood tree box



Make a wreath using scrap wood.


 Scrap Wood Wreath



Build a scrap wood side table.


 Scrap wood side table



Make hearts out of scrap pallet wood.


 Rustic DIY Pallet Hearts



Build a plant stand out of scrap wood.


 Two tiered scrap wood plant stand 



There are so many things you can do with scrap wood, y’all! It’s hard to choose just one project to tackle. 

 Do you have a favorite? 







We will see you back here next Friday for another post all about destashing! 


If you haven’t had a chance to read the others, check out Scrap Fabric Projects and Scrap Paper Projects



Have a great weekend, friends.



Your hostesses,

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  • Colleen
    August 19, 2018 at 4:58 am

    Great projects for using up them scraps pieces of wood.
    Wonderful ideas; Thank You