Miss Kitty Stuffed Animal

 Did you know that September is National Sewing Month?! 
Well it is! 
I recently had to the opportunity to work with Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store and received some fabric from the Waverly fabric line. Waverly is celebrating their 90th Anniversary and are putting on a contest along with Jo-Ann to celebrate! 
 Enter the Waverize It Contest on Facebook for a chance to win $1,000 in Waverly Fabric and a $250 Jo-Ann giftcard.
I received some pretty green and cream floral Waverly fabric to create something with. 
It just so happens that I decided on using green in the new nursery and thought I would make a little something cute and fun for Baby M 2.0.
Here is my creation:
Can you tell what the nursery color scheme is going to be? 😉
 She turned out super cute and she was very easy to make as well. 

 – Fabric
-Sewing Machine
-Sewing Needle
To start:
 I saw this little kitty in this book, Flip Dolls and Other Toys.
It was suppose to flip inside out and have another animal on the inside but I just wanted to make the cat.
I copied the template and blew it up to 200% to use to cut my fabric.
I cut out 2 pieces of fabric for the body, 2 pieces for the tail, and then I cut out my own bottom piece to make it stand since it wasn’t originally in the template.
I then used felt to cut out the eyes and the muzzle.
I started by putting a dab of glue on the eyes and placed them where I wanted them. I then did a running stitch around the edge of the eyes.
Next, I used a sewing needle and thread and free handed a little nose and mouth for Miss Kitty.
Once I finished stitching the nose and mouth, I took some cream thread and sewed on the muzzle.
I left one side open and placed a small amount of batting in the muzzle.
I then sewed the rest of the muzzle closed.
Once the face was complete, it was time to sew the body together.
I started with the tail, sewing right sides of the fabric together and then flipping it right side out. 
I then stuffed the tail with some batting but not too much.
Time to sew the body, again right sides together.
I left the bottom of the body open in which I later sewed on the round bottom piece including the tail centered on the back body piece of fabric.
I left a small hole on the bottom to flip the body right side out and to be able to stuff the batting inside.
Miss Kitty all stuffed! 
After Miss Kitty was all stuffed, it was time to add some whiskers.
I just inserted the needle and pulled the thread so one end of the thread would get pulled through. Then, I just tied a knot twice with the two ends.
I repeated this three times on each side of the nose.
I wanted to make Miss Kitty a little more girlie and tie her more into the nursery’s color scheme, so I created a little bow using felt.
I sewed the bow onto one of Miss Kitty’s ears.
The bow and her whiskers are super cute! 
I am super excited about how Miss Kitty turned out. She is super cute and can’t wait for her to be placed in the nursery awaiting the arrival of Baby M 2.0.
In the mean time, Miss P LOVES her!! 
I think Miss Kitty wants to be left alone by the window to watch the birdies though! 😉 
Don’t forget to enter the Waverize It Contest on Facebook to help celebrate Waverly’s 90th Anniversary!! 
And get out those sewing machines and get sewing during National Sewing Month!


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  • Marti @ SewLicious Home Decor
    September 5, 2013 at 2:01 am

    That is so cute and how fun! I'm so glad they are hosting a contest for sewing month!


  • Nicole
    September 5, 2013 at 9:33 am

    National Sewing Month!! I like the sound of that. I'm in Australia….I wonder if we can make that International Sewing Month….why not!!!! And what a cute little Kitty!!! She looks right at home on that window sill!!