Miss P the Preschooler

So nothing like being a month and a half behind on sharing this but time and us traveling got the better of me. 
Miss P officially started preschool and she couldn’t have been more excited to start school again. 
After going in CO and being off for a year, she kept asking when she was going back to school. 
WI has free preschool for all 4 yr olds so we waited to put her back in school until this school year.
She started the beginning of September but a few days prior we went to her school to met her teacher, turn in paperwork and get her school pictures taken. 
Here is a snapshot of her school pictures. 
She started crying when we walked up there because she thought Travis could be in the picture with her so the photographer had to take a few pics of her until we got this one. 
Travis had to hold her hand to even get it. You can still see the water in her eye from her tears. 

But once the first day arrived she was so ready! 
She goes to the afternoon session, and it is only a few hours a day, so all morning she asked all morning if it was time to go.
 Had to get a first day of school sign photo.
We live about 2 blocks away from school so we walked to school.
And luckily daddy was home and was able to walk to school with us as well. 
We waited around with her until it was time to go into her classroom and she was so big and excited! 
I can’t believe she is this big already and will actually be in school full time next year for kindergarten! 
So crazy to me! 
She loves school and her teacher and that is all I can ask for!


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