Miss P’s 11 Month Adventures

This adorable baby girl just turned 1! 
Guess that means I can’t really call her a baby anymore can I? 🙁
I have quite a few posts coming up on her first birthday party and some of the items I created for it so stay tuned but I am going to start with a quick recap of Miss P’s 11th month.
 Our monthly photo shoot.
She didn’t want to give me many smiles this month but I managed to get a few from her. 
She has had some fun.
I love when she sits quietly with her toys and plays.


On some nights, Travis takes her upstairs so I can have a little break and this was a shot I took of her and Oscar sitting at the top of the stairs when I came up. Looks like they are begging me to break them out of jail! lol 
And who said you can only wear diapers on your bottom? They make great hats too! 
Daddy bought a new tv for upstairs and she was a very good helper putting the tv together. 
This girl LOVES to eat! 
It is amazing that she only weighs 20 lbs! 
Daddy got home from work early one evening and she just loved lounging with him and watching tv.
And a big thing happened this month too! 
We upgraded P’s car seat and she LOVES it!
Plus… We have a WALKER! 
She started off slowly but surely and by the time her birthday rolled around she was prefering to walk more than crawl. It is crazy! 
Finally, more teeth appeared! YAHOO!
3 top teeth popped out right before her birthday as well. Good times!


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