Miss P’s 5th Birthday Art Party

Hi everyone! 
 I hope you had a lovely Memorial Day weekend. 
I am here today to share with you all the details of Miss P’s 5th birthday party we had 2 weeks ago. 
I asked Miss P what kind of party she would like to have and after discussing our options, she decided on having an Art Party at our house with her friends.
It was a fun, colorful afternoon! 
 Here is the invitation I designed for the occasion. It was fun making this one and I was just as excited as she was to get them printed out and have her pass them out to all of her friends at school and those that we’ve known from outside of school.
Since I made the invitation so colorful and it had some rainbow colors going on, I ran with that idea for all the rest of the party decorations. 
Here’s how I decorated for the party.
And I totally apologize for the crappy lighting in the photos. I swear, it is a cloudy day every year on her birthday parties and we do not have very good light in our dining room plus I desperately need to buy a new camera. 🙁
Guests were greeted at the door with a welcome to Miss P’s Art Studio.
 Since it was a painting art party, we hung two paint can from two corners of the dining room and used plastic table clothes to make it look like paint is flying out all over the light then dripping down.
 I then topped the table with more plastic table clothes in the matching colors of the “paint” dripping off the light itself.
Each spot had a party hat (as requested by Miss P), an apron, and then a mini easel with the guests names painted on a canvas.
 In the center of the table I placed a metal tray and on top of the tray I painted a number 5 in rainbow colors, a vase with daisies, and some mason jars filled with paint brushes. 
The paint brushes were decorations but were also for the guests to use to work on their projects. Gotta love something that pulls double duty! 
Like I stated previously, each spot had a mini easel with the guest name painted on a rainbow painted canvas.
 On one wall, I bought some old frames from Goodwill then some from Michael’s and spray painted them again, in bright rainbow colors. 
Then Miss P and Miss S drew some pictures and we just placed those in each of the frames for an “art gallery.”
On the wall where our buffet sits, we strung up more plastic table clothes in rainbow pattern and tucked it behind the buffet. 
I found this happy birthday banner at Target and it was blank and you color it in which I thought was perfect since this was an art party. We had a family evening on night painting it together. 
I painted another larger number 5 and propped that up in one corner with another jar of flowers, hydrangeas splashed with bright colors, my light box in the center saying “celebrate and paint,” then I just placed the favor bags on the other end.
I used our bar cart in one corner to place the paint, palettes, canvases, and bird houses to have everything that we would be using during the party in one easy spot.
In the kitchen, we took another paint can and a red table cloth to make it look like paint was spilling all over the food table.
 I then just so happened to have these colorful banners and decided to hang them in the window by the food table to bring more color into the area and the kitchen.
I found these plated and napkins at Hobby Lobby and snatched them up since they were perfect with the theme.
The cake was totally NOT what I asked for but I didn’t mind it so much in the end since it looked like it was splattered with paint. Plus, I wanted vanilla, they only had chocolate made that morning for some reason, so we got it for a discounted price as well.
And lastly, the favor bags were stuffed with bubbles, watercolors, a stackable crayon and a stencil so they could continue the creative fun at home. 
Time for the party! 
Miss P was super excited to greet her guests and was dying for them to show up.
 We began by painting a canvas. 
I taped off the guest’s initials on a canvas and they were to paint the canvas and then once dry we would peel off the tape to reveal their initial.
It was perfect for all of the kiddos to do.
We let them pick their own colors of paint and placed them in their paint palettes and let them go to town.
We did have to convince them to paint OVER their letter but they caught on.
And they all turned out great and unique! 
Once we finished the canvas painting, we moved on to painting bird houses.
They all took their time and again, each house was so cute and unique.
After we finished the bird houses, it was time to take a break and eat some pizza.
Once pizza was complete we had cake and cupcakes.
As for the cupcakes, I placed multiple choices of sprinkles in a palette plate and then each guest got to decorate their own cupcake however they wanted too.
Each girl took a different route using either only a few sprinkles or multiple types.
But they each enjoyed making their own and eating them.
After cupcakes we opened presents and then the girls were free to play or leave or whatever! 
It was a super fun time and I think everyone enjoyed themselves.
Miss P loved it and that is the only thing that matters most! 🙂 
Looking for other party ideas? 


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  • Cyndee@Restyled Junk
    May 30, 2017 at 9:36 pm

    Oh! My! Gosh! Her face in anticipation is priceless! You did a great job! Happy birthday, Miss P!