Miss P’s 9 Month Adventures

I have been wanting to get this post up forever now and it has taken me forever to get all the pics ready and then I was having trouble getting pics off my phone but it is finally up! 
Miss P had a fun 9th month!
This actually was just before she turned 9 mths old and I forgot to include it in her 8 mth post.
We got A TON of snow and had a day out playing in it. 
She was not really a fan of it as you can see by her last picture! lol 
I think she just couldn’t move in all her layers and she was not so sure about the cold, white stuff. 
Our 9 mth photoshoot was interesting.
She was ALL over the place, joys of being very mobile now, so I had a hard time getting good pics! 
Megaphone fun with daddy! 
She enjoyed looking at the white stuff coming down from INSIDE the house. lol
She just keeps getting cuter! 
She likes to turn her exersaucer in a fort to play under.
We are slowly learning how to be “nice” and “gentle” to the kitty.
Got all ready for her first trip to the park. 
First park day.
Fun on the swings and slide.
Fun time monkeying around with daddy! 
It’s fun watching her go to the corner where her toy bin is and watch her pull things out and play. 
She is quite the little daredevil too! 
“What mom? I’m not doing anything!”
All dressed up for her first St. Patrick’s Day. 
These are my favorite set of pictures! 
She just HAD to have the toy at the bottom of the toy bin! LOL
Going, Going, Gone! 
She is getting more used to her sippy cup too now that we switched to a new one.
And she is just like her daddy… loves water! 
Month 10 has already been very fun so far! 
Can’t wait to see what the is in store for the rest of it.


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  • Michele {The Scrap Shoppe}
    April 9, 2013 at 3:03 pm

    She's just so squishy!! I love her!! I love the climbing photos. She looks SO innocent. Ha!! She's a cutie, Allison!

  • Maureen Hayes
    April 9, 2013 at 7:16 pm

    She is soooooo adorable! You are completely right, she just keeps getting cuter! I love seeing pictures of her with daddy as well. I laughed out loud at the picture I. The snow where she is wailing, I feel the same way. . . Lol! Thanks for sharing with us all.