Miss S’ Owl Birthday Party Decorations

Yesterday I shared pictures of Miss S’ first birthday party
Today, I want to share with you all the details of the party itself. 
 I shared this yesterday but wanted to include it in this post as well. 
These are the invitations I created for her party. 
I wanted to do an owl theme. Thought it would be cute for a first birthday in November but wanted to keep the colors girly and bright.
Since we would be in TN for the party, I had to think about my decorations way in advance to make everything to mail to my parents house or take with us. Then I had to figure out where everything would go.
Guests were greeted with this owl wreath holding a chalkboard saying “Sadie is One!” on the front door.
My parents have this buffet by their front door so it was the perfect place to add a basket full of the favors and some pictures of Miss S.

I found the little chicken wire frame at JoAnns and painted it and added the small wooden owls to it.
Placed some pictures of Miss S on it with mini clothes pins and then a sign saying thanks for coming and asking guests to fill out their address on an envelope.
I created these little owl pillow boxes using my Silhouette Cameo and filled them full of candy for favors.
Looking into the party now… you may recognize the garland. 
I used the scallop garland I created for Miss P’s 2nd birthday and garland between all the arches in my parents house.
Here is a shot of the living room area. 
We removed all the furniture to make way for tables and chairs.
I then layered some colored table clothes with a clear table cloth with white dots on top.
I love how they came out! 
I placed different vases with branches in them on each table and put some little owls I created on them.
Here is how I decorated the mantle. 
I created this banner that says “Look Whooo’s One” and placed that on the mantle along with some tissue paper pom pom garland that I bought at Hobby Lobby and then also layered a string of the scallop garland with it as well. 
One the left side of the mantle I placed pictures of Miss S at different ages along with a little wooden owl I painted and a lantern ball.
In the center of the mantle, was the birthday stat board I created. 
I had my dad cut out the owl shape out of some thin wood and then I painted it white.
Once that paint was dry, I took gray paint and added the details of the owl onto the white before I applied all the information that I cut out of vinyl.
Then on the right side of the mantle I placed another picture, a glass owl I found at Hobby Lobby and another lantern ball.
My dad also cut the one out of wood and I painted this white as well and then used Stickles to add the dots to it in an ombre effect. 
Next to the mantle is another buffet that I placed a bunch of balloons on along with some other decorations. 
On the buffet, I placed another glass owl from Hobby Lobby, some more pictures and then the large chalkboard I created for Miss P’s birthday and decorated it with an owl theme. 
I also placed some props for the photo booth in a small white container that I found in the dollar section at Target.
Here is a closer look at the little owls I created to place in the branches on the tables.
We left my parents large tree in the living room and I decorated this wooden owl with paint and scrapbook paper and propped him up in the tree.
Now onto the kitchen area…
On the high chair, I placed another banner that I created on it and then just placed Miss S’ party hat on it as well.
Here is the dessert table. 
I again layered the table clothes and then used this table tutu my mom created for Miss P’s baby shower. I love that she still had it and it worked perfectly! 
Placed some cake stands, another vase with a branch, and another picture and it was set. 
This was my favorite part of the party!
I created the cake stands using wood slices and a base. You can find the wood slices at most craft stores, but I bought these at JoAnns. I bought the wood bases at Michaels. Just glued them together and they were ready to go! For the taller stand, I just placed two of the bases on top of each other.
 I placed another frame with a picture of Miss S on the table with a frame with a design I created to match the invitations. Then just put some painted wood owls near them as well.
Here is a closer look at the birthday print I created for the cake table.
And now here is the dessert table with Miss S’adorable smash cake and cupcakes. 
A family friend made the cupcakes and cake and they turned out so great! 
I chose to do chocolate and vanilla cupcakes and then some of the cupcakes had flowers on top and the others had an owl with a branch on them.
I just ADORE this smash cake! I am so excited how it turned out and it was pretty darn tasty as well! 
The table was so fun and colorful once the cakes were on it! 
I designed some water bottle covers to coordinate with the invitations as well. 
Here is a better shot of the water bottle covers. 
 Here is a shot of the living room from the kitchen.
And to round out the decorations, is the kitchen.
I just placed a polka dot table cloth on the island and another vase with the owls.
All the food was placed on the island, buffet style.
Forgot to take a picture with the food but we served BBQ, potato salad, pasta salad, and fruit salad.
Then for the drinks, which I also forgot to take a picture of, I served the water bottles, made some sweet tea and then some strawberry lemonade. I used my mason jars with lids and straws for the cups.
And that’s it! 
I am pretty excited with how it all turned out since I was trying to plan everything from CO! 
Stay tuned for a couple fun tutorials of items I created for the party.
photo BestBirthday_zpsa6c2c38a.png


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  • Our Pinteresting Family
    November 11, 2014 at 3:11 pm

    I love it all, Allison. I especially love the wooden owl with the stats and the cake stands you made. Happy birthday to your sweet girl. I can't wait to have my boys party in a few weeks. 🙂

  • Leslie Germain
    November 11, 2014 at 9:51 pm

    Such an adorable party. Love everything that you created!! WOW!!!

  • Angie
    November 20, 2014 at 5:44 am

    I LOVE all of it!! Will you be sharing a tutorial for the invitations…would love to make them for my granddaughter!!