Miss S’s Shimmer and Shine 4th Birthday Party

We celebrated Miss S turning four with a Shimmer and Shine themed birthday party. 
This is the first birthday party she has had since her big one year old party so we MAY have gone a little over the top with it but it is one of my favorite parties to date. 
And for the record, Travis was WAY into this party and was giving his input like crazy. I was going to do a little of this, he then said no, we are going ALL. THE. WAY. Lol It was crazy! 
Like most of the parties I do for the girls, if they pick a theme I try not to make it strictly that theme. So yes it was a Shimmer and Shine party but we took more the Moroccan route than JUST Shimmer and Shine everything. 
Warning! This is a picture heavy post! šŸ™‚

I will give you a tour of the party decor and then go into the party a little more towards the end.
I found some png images on the internet and designed the invitations myself and had them printed off at my local office supply store.
The little genies entered the front door and were greeted by Shimmer and Shine along with a shimmery curtain to walk through to enter into Zahramay Falls.
Under our faux mantle, I hung a large Shimmer and Shine poster which pulled double duty as party decor AND a game later.
We then used a large gold tablecloth to cover the door that leads to our covered porch and placed white tulle on the floor to be like a cloud for a photo back drop for our little genies.
 This old candy dish was my grandparents and it was sitting out while we were decorating and when I looked at it one time it dawned on me it kinda resembled a genie lamp so I filled it with pom poms to act as little pillows and then printed off a small Shimmer and Shine and put them inside as if they are hanging out in their genie bottle. I just sat it on the coffee table to bring a little more decor into the living room.
There wasn’t a ton of decorations in the living room but it all worked out!
The main part of the party was in our dining room which we tried to turn into a Moroccan tent or the inside of a genie bottle.
Let’s take a closer look shall we?! 
I found these gorgeous glass garlands at Michael’s in the Christmas stuff and I couldn’t leave the store without them! 
They were the perfect colors plus I will totally use them on my tree so they pull double duty! 
See?! So pretty!! 
Then right in the center we hung a genie bottle honeycomb that came with the Shimmer and Shine honeycombs that were by the front door.
 As you can see, we draped the entire room with fabric. Ok, it is actually just plastic table clothes but Travis totally wanted to use fabric. lol I had to convince him it would cost a fortune and be far too heavy before he finally agreed to go the plastic route but he kept saying this was better in the end. 
We taped together two table clothes per stripe and this whole room was seriously held up with packaging tape and Command hooks! TONS of each!! lol
We tied one end of the table clothes around our light before draping to the walls and then using the command hooks, fishing line, and tape to finish the job.
We put up this giant gold pin wheel around our light as a medallion to help hide all the knots.
We took the leaf out of our dining table to make it round again and then took the top off the bottom. We placed some milk crates under it to lower the table so the guests would sit on the floor. 
I took ALL of our small pillows, couch, bed, etc, and bought fabric remnants and dug in my stash and covered all the pillows to sit on them on the floor. I just safety pinned the fabric around the pillows so we could easily take them back off.
I put a purple plastic table cloth on the table and then just placed a gold glitter piece of tulle down the table. On the tool, I put these two rectangular plates that I picked up at Michael’s and on those all these glass jars we found at the Dollar Store filled with battery operated votives. 
Then a vase full of colorful roses finished off the table.
Y’all! Check out these tri-color roses!! I stumbled upon them at one of our local groceries stores and even Miss S was in awe when we saw them! They are the coolest!
Above the buffet, I hung a birthday banner along with more gold pin wheels. Then I decorated the top of the buffet with more glass holders from Dollar Store and other candles and candle holders that I already had out from my fall decorations. Finished it with my light box and two glittery pink stars from the Christmas decor in Wal-Mart and this area was done.
The back wall that you see when walking into the dining room, we hung up gold chargers, along with some small cardboard gold frames and then small gold paper doilies. 
I had planned some art projects to do during the party so I placed our bar cart in one corner and place all the supplies we needed to complete our projects on top of the cart. Then on the bottom, I placed the party favors along with some other materials we would use for an activity.
On the wall above the cart, we hung empty gold frames that I found on clearance along with more doilies and cardboard frames.
I found these little packs of gem shaped honeycombs in the party section at Target on clearance. There were 5 in a pack and I bought all the packs they had. lol
We grouped them in all the corners and then placed some in the kitchen as well since Moroccans like to hang pretty lanterns and such.
Now onto our kitchen. 
Not much but the food happening in here so we didn’t decorate a lot but I didn’t want to leave it plain either. 
We hung some honeycombs from the light, I hung a few streamers in the party colors above the table and then used some left over gold doilies on the table and taped a few to the walls as well.
Since the party was at 2 and ended at 4 I didn’t supply a ton of food since it was after lunch and still before dinner. 
Fruit with fruit dip, cheese, meat and crackers (oh that poor plate! Travis put it together and I didn’t have time to make it prettier before guests arrived. lol), special Shimmer and Shine popcorn, cupcakes, and a cherry punch rounded out the food.
I only bought pink and purple plates and then blue cups to use at the party but did buy Shimmer and Shine napkins to tie them into the food.
We went with pink, purple, and blue iced cupcakes topped with glitter sugar in vanilla and chocolate to keep it simple then I also printed out small Shimmer and Shine images and cut them out to tape to popsicle sticks to create cupcake toppers.
Now onto the actual party itself.
After guests arrived we started with nibbling on the food for a little bit to get the kids settled.
 Then our first activity was creating their own Moroccan inspired tea glass
We did this first thing so I could bake them and they would cool in time before the party was over and the guests could take them home.
Once everyone completed their glasses and they were placed in the oven we placed Pin the Jewel on the Genie. 
 The girls took turns pinning on the jewels and if they weren’t playing they were getting their genie crowns painted on by Travis. 
Once everyone had their crowns painted on and had a turn at the game it was time to make their Genie Bangles. The girls loved picking out their jewels for their bracelets and parents assisted on adding the glue for the jewels.
We took a short break to let the kids play a it before it was cupcake time! 
Then of course we had to open presents before the party was over! 
All the little genies had a fantastic time!
I think their favorite part was getting the eat their suckers from their favor cups at the end and running through the shimmery curtain by the front door! They all ran through that thing until it fell apart all over the place screaming and getting all sweaty! lol
It was a super fun day and I’m glad we were finally able to give Miss S another party!!
Here’s are some other party ideas that I’ve thrown.

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