Monogram Nursery Art from See Vanessa Craft

 Welcome Vanessa from See Vanessa Craft. She is sharing a cute nursery art project today.

Hello A Glimpse Inside readers!
I’m Vanessa from and I’m so happy to be here to show you how to make monogram nursery art.
This baby shower gift idea is super easy and very cute. If you know what the nursery theme will be, you can coordinate the scrapbook paper and felt colors accordingly. The parents to be can hang this frame on the wall or place it on a bookshelf or photo ledge.

Scrapbook Paper 
Embroidery Thread & Needle 
Paper Cutter (or scissors) 
Letter Stencil (or print out your own) 
Monogram Nursery Art 1


Step 1: Cut the piece of scrapbook paper to fit inside of the frame.

Monogram Nursery Art 2

Step 2: You can make your own letter stencil by typing out your favorite block letter font onto a word document, and then print the letter out on card stock and cut it out. Using the marker, trace the letter stencil to the backside of the felt. Cut out the felt letter.
Monogram Nursery Art 4
Monogram Nursery Art 3

Step 3: Stitch around the letter with embroidery thread.

Step 4: Place the letter on top of the scrapbook paper and place inside of the frame. You can secure the letter to the scrapbook paper using glue or tape if needed.
Monogram Nursery Art 6

Step 5: Trace the letter on leftover scrapbook paper and attach to white card stock to make a matching card. You can tie the card to the frame using a piece of ribbon or yarn.

Monogram Nursery Art 7
Monogram Nursery Art 9
Monogram Nursery Art 8

Vanessa Rodriguez Coppola is a freelance writer and blogger from Arizona, where she resides with her husband and 2 kids. You can read more about Vanessa’s addiction to glitter and hot glue guns on her blog Her first children’s craft book is set to hit the shelves in Spring of 2014! For more festive inspiration, check out her Reindeer Cake Pops and Marshmallow Snowman Pops.
Super cute Vanessa! Thanks for sharing!  


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