Moroccan Inspired Party Ideas

Miss S turns 4 this week so I am in the midst of planning her birthday party this weekend. 
 She wants a Shimmer and Shine themed birthday party so we are doing that but also giving it more of a Moroccan feel. 
We are going with bright jewel tone colors and accents of gold throughout with fabric and things hanging from the ceiling. We even plan to lower our dining table so the guests sit on the ground. We’ll see how it all comes together in the end because I feel a little unprepared still! lol
Today, I rounded up some ideas to get you inspired to throw your own Moroccan themed party. 
All I ask is that if you want to pin an idea below, please click on the link and pin from the original post OR pin the above image collage. Thanks! 🙂
 Have you thrown a Moroccan inspired party before? 
What elements did you include in your party?

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