Mountain View Watercolor Painting

Hey, hey, it’s Wednesday!!

That means it is Watercolor Wednesday too! YAY!!

This week I am sharing how to create this Mountain View watercolor painting.

This painting may look like it could be difficult but I promise that it isn’t. Here’s how to create it yourself.

This painting is created on a 4×4 piece of watercolor paper.

stamps used to create painting

For this painting, I used stamps from: the original flower set, the Mountain Set, the Tree Set 1 and the original foliage set. That’s only four stamps to make this cute mini painting!

These are the colors I used for my painting but feel free to change them up to anything combination that you like.

  • No 17 Steel Blue
  • No 86 African Violet
  • N0 45 Sepia
  • No 15 Olive Green
  • No 72 Pine Green
  • No 5 Yellow
  • No 89 Persimmon

Begin with the mountain stamp. We will ink this in our usual Sepia/African Violet combo. Ink first with Sepia but so NOT ink the whole stamp in sepia, only areas that would be the darkest on your mountains. Then apply African Violet to the entire stamp.

Press the stamp above the center point of your paper making sure to leave plenty of room for the lake, trees, and flowers.

Next, drag the color out of the lines again remembering where it would be darker due to the ridges of the mountains.

Once your mountains are done, free hand paint in your lake using African Violet. Don’t worry about not having any lines to follow, just go with the flow. Keep your brush straight and brush along the edge of the mountains moving down your paper. As you get to where you want your lake to stop, create shorter brush strokes.

Once you have the lake in the shape that you’d like, ink up the pine tree using Pine Green.

Stamp the trees around the edge of the lake, pressing the stamp down three times before reapplying the ink. Add as many or as little trees as you’d like.

Dip your brush in water and pinch it off then softened the pine trees. Dab with the lines of the branches so you don’t completely lose the shape of the trees.

Ink the small grass stamp with Olive Green (sorry, I forgot to take a photo) and then press the stamp three or four times around the foreground before applying more ink.

Drag the color up and out of the grass.

Ink the small blooms in whatever color you’d like.

I stamped my flowers in persimmon, then cleaned my stamp really well and repeated it again with yellow. Again, press the stamp multiple times before applying more ink.

Dip your brush in water and soften the flowers. Soften all of one color first then rinse your brush well before softening the other color.

Using some Olive Green, paint in the area that is white between any flowers or grasses. You don’t have to do this part since you did stamp actually grass in but I like to fill in the gap.

Lastly, paint in the sky using Steel Blue.

And that’s it! Sign and date it and decide what you are going to do with it! Make it into a card, frame it, whatever!

Stay tuned to next week when I am back with a whole new watercolor tutorial.

Here is a step by step video so you can follow along with me and it may help answer any questions you may have.

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