Moving Day

Today is moving day. I have been running around this house for days trying to make sure everything is ready to go. Pack the items that we need to take with us. Leave out items that we need to use here to clean or whatever before we leave. Make sure things are unplugged, label items, or whatever! I have been working like crazy and I think probably going a little crazy. I am SO TIRED! And now as my things are getting packed up, I am totally bored and wanting to do something. I wish I could just take a nap but that definitely isn’t happening, especially right now. I have been running around so much that I think I could just pass out. It will be nice when the movers leave today and I can just relax. Especially, since I barely got any sleep last night. They will be back tomorrow to put everything on the truck. Then it is back to cleaning until we leave.
I am very used to moves happening VERY quickly but for some reason this one snuck up on me. I feel like it is all happening so fast this time. It hit me we were really moving on Saturday evening after I took all of the pictures off the walls and I walked into the living room and saw nothing. That always makes it SO real to me. I’ve caught myself getting all upset the past couple days- call it stress, emotionally drained/sad, or just too tired to hold back the tears but I am actually sad about leaving. I really didn’t think I would be. We’ve met some fabulous people here and have become great friends with them so I am so sad to leave them.
Well, back to sitting here watching them pack. Hope everyone else has a great Monday. Hope all the mom’s out there had a great Mother’s Day. And I just want to say Happy Anniversary to my sister, Charissa, and her husband, Kevin!

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