My New Painting

Happy Leap Day! 
Are you or do you know any Leap Day babies?! 
I don’t have a tutorial for you today. 
 I don’t have a recipe or diy either.
I just wanted to share with you a painting I created over the weekend.
 I needed something for one of the walls in our dining room and I wasn’t really sure what.
I saw some pictures online forever ago and I saved a few of them to play around with one time. 

I finally decided to attempt a version of those paintings myself and see if I liked it.
If it was good enough, I’d hang it. If not, not biggie, I’d just be on the hunt for something I liked at a store.
I was nervous painting it and was totally trying not to over think it. I even had to redo one of the flowers because when I was adding the black I did not like what I did one bit so it had to get repainted. Good thing it was just paint!
But in the end, I really liked it and so did Travis so up on the wall it went! 
 So I just want to say, if there is something that you have been wanting to try or create but you are nervous to give it a go… just do it!! 
If it doesn’t turn out, it’s ok, at least you tried!! 
And who knows, maybe you learned something new and you turned out to be really good at it!
Stay tuned for the full dining room reveal soon, about time right?! 🙂 


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  • Amy Anderson
    March 1, 2016 at 3:22 am

    I love your painting! It's pretty. You should open an Etsy stop!