My Valentine’s Day Mantle

February has arrived (say what?!) so I thought it is the perfect time to share my Valentine’s Day decorations. 
It probably looks pretty familiar to last year’s mantle, and it is. 
I pretty much did it the same way with a few new additions.
I kept the old window on the mantle and placed my 14 plaque and some garlands on it once again. 
On the mantle around the window I placed a lantern with a purple candle, my stamped blocks, a marquee M, printable sign, felt tree, and some candle sticks. 
I then hung my two garlands on the front of the mantle once again. 

I’m pretty excited about the M Marquee letter. I found it at Michael’s and I added the paper to make it a little more valentiney and it makes a fun addition to the decor. Best part, I can easy change the paper out to change it up and make it go with other decorations in the house.
In the bottom section, I placed some more candle sticks, a wreath I made years ago and then a plate with vinyl on it that says “be mine.” I actually made this years ago as well and forgot that it was in the hutch in my craft area under some items. I found it while cleaning up my craft space so I thought I would use it in this space.
Next to the mantle, I hung a new project I created, which will be on the blog tomorrow, to add a little something to the wall. 
Even though it is pretty much the same decor as last year, I still love it just as much!

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