My Whole 30 Adventure- Week 1

I decided to try out Whole 30 and began the journey on January 1st. 
I told Travis about it and he was all excited to do it with me so we are tackling it together.
I work out, though I am just starting to get back into a good routine after the holidays, but I wanted to do something more to help me slim down the areas that I am not too thrilled about. I could use some improvements so I thought I would give Whole 30 a try. Can’t be too bad right?! 
I am going to share my journey here on a weekly basis. 
Share how I am feeling, any struggles, and what we ate.  
And in case you are wondering, the girls are eating what we eat. I am not making and serving two meals. They will probably eat something different than me for lunch since they are napping when I eat and I am sure their breakfasts will be different from time to time as well because I don’t think I can get them to eat some form of eggs everyday but they will ALWAYS eat the same dinner that we eat. 

And I just want to state, I am going to try to follow the Whole 30 program exactly but if something accidentally slips in that I’m not suppose to have, like I missed an ingredient on a label, I’m not going to freak out about it. Nobody is perfect, right?!

Also, I am no food blogger. I didn’t take the time to make the food on my plate “pretty” so sorry! 😉

Day 1: January 1st.
What I ate:
Breakfast: I made a frittata with eggs, hash browns, red pepper, onion, and bacon that fits into the terms of Whole 30. Then baked bacon as a side.
Lunch: I was taking down Christmas decorations so I went with something quick… cucumbers, carrots, and cauliflower with a chicken and spinach sausage (from Target, Simple Balanced Brand.) 
Dinner: Made a Balsamic pot roast with steamed veggies (carrots, broccoli, and cauliflower) as a side. This was very yummy, even the girls loved it so this will definitely be made again and probably kept as a meal after our 30 days is complete.
Snacks: A few pistachios and a banana

Drank water all day.

First day… I was excited and nervous to start this journey. Surely I can stick to it but eek! 
I woke up and made breakfast but became nauseous while cooking it because I was so hungry (a problem that I have dealt with my whole life). It was very difficult for me to NOT grab something super fast and easy like my usual Nutrigrain Bar to just get something in my stomach to make myself feel better but I didn’t and once breakfast went into the oven, I sat down for a bit until it was ready. Luckily, I did manage to get my food down and began to feel better. 
Breakfast held me for a few hours but I definitely was ready for lunch when it was time to eat again.
 And I felt the same way about dinner, I was definitely ready to eat. Not sure why though, I feel like even though I am eating clean, I am still eating a good amount of food. I am full after I eat but feel hungry not long after I complete a meal. That’s rough.
I will say this though… I definitely wanted to snack! Or just have a piece of chocolate! We normally have a bowl of small Dove candies that we will grab one to eat after a meal and not being able to do that was tough! Guess that is a habit we should break. 
I was snacky but I was good. 
And I felt hungry a lot this day. I so hope that changes because it makes it hard when you are trying to be good.

Day 2: January 2nd

What I ate:

 Breakfast: Travis made breakfast for me this day. He made some over easy eggs, with strawberries and banana as a side dish.
Travis ate the strawberries and banana but made himself an egg in an avocado bowl.

Lunch: I made a salad with cucumbers, cauliflower, carrots, and red onions. Then Whole 30 approved (Tessemae’s Southwest Ranch) dressing on the side. Not a fan of the dressing. A little too spicy for a salad so I will definitely be attempting to make my own ranch dressing.

Dinner: We made zoodles (zucchini noodles) with Whole 30 approved sauce and chicken Italian meatballs.

Snacks: some almonds and pistachios

Drank water all day

Today was a little better in the hungry department. Breakfast lasted a lot longer for me today. I was ready for lunch but wasn’t like NEEDING it. I was ready for dinner and was feeling hungry but it wasn’t too bad. I did feel like dinner didn’t hold me very long and I was hungry only a couple hours after. That is when I snacked on the nuts.

Still just want a piece of chocolate but I have ignored it even though it would taste delicious. lol

 Day 3: January 3rd

 What I ate:

 Breakfast: I just ate the leftover frittata from day 1 with some grapes and bacon. Travis made himself some egg white scrambled eggs with spinach and ham with strawberries and blueberries.

Lunch: We were busy finishing putting down tile in our master bathroom so lunch was skipped this day.

Dinner: Travis and I went out this night for our anniversary. We went to a Mexican restaurant and we split a fajita but ate it without the tortilla.

No snacks this day.

Drank water all day.

Today wasn’t too bad. Breakfast held me a while which was great since I ended up skipping lunch. Luckily, I haven’t had a headache yet from the lack of sugar. We really didn’t eat or drink THAT much sugar so hopefully I won’t get one. And after stating that… I STILL want that piece of chocolate. lol

Day 4: January 4th

What I ate:

Breakfast: Two sunny side eggs with home made hash browns with red pepper, onion, and bacon in them.

Lunch: 3 Grilled chicken tenders, 2 hard boiled eggs, and some cucumber slices.

Dinner: We made up our own little skillet meal- ground turkey with sliced egg plant, red pepper, and onion. Then sliced up some cantaloupe as a side.

Snacks: Pistachios

Drank water all day.

Pretty good day I guess. Food held me pretty well but was ready to eat when it was time for my next meal. I was super hungry not long after dinner though and that is when the pistachios came out. I have yet to feel the extra energy or perhaps I am just not noticing it. Not sure. Still no headache. Yay!

Day 5: January 5th

What I ate: 

Breakfast: I made myself come scrambled eggs with spinach and red onion. Ate some left over hash browns from day 4 and then sliced a banana.

Lunch: Needing something super quick because I was working on some projects so I ate some 3 more grilled chicken tenders and 2 hard boiled eggs.

Dinner: Hamburger on lettuce bun with red onion. Homemade baked fries, and cucumber.

Snack: Banana sprinkled with cinnamon with some almond butter

Drank water all day

Pretty good day again. Meals held me pretty well. Sill have yet to notice if I have more energy or not. Don’t really feel like it. Still would LOVE chocolate. I’m not going to lie, I miss it! But I think we found the magical snack that will help curve that sweet tooth. The banana and cinnamon with almond butter was very delicious so that may be my go to snack when I am just dying for something sweet.

Day 6: January 6th

What I ate:

Breakfast: Strawberry banana smoothie made with almond milk.

Lunch: Lettuce wraps with turkey lunch meat, thinly sliced carrots, cucumbers, and red onions.

Dinner: Tacos with lettuce wraps and red onions.

Snacks: Hard Boiled Egg

Drank water all day other than when I had the smoothie.

Today was a rough day. It was the first day that Miss P went back to preschool so I was a little thrown off schedule wise. Travis made the smoothie while I was dropping her off at school so I drank that when I got home. I wanted to work out and get a shower in before I had to pick her back up so I decided not to eat anything else for breakfast. I was pretty hungry by the time I had to go get her from school. Got her home, gave the girls lunch, which I TOTALLY wanted a bite of their mac and cheese, but grabbed the hard boil egg to get something in my belly until I could eat after the girls went down for a nap. Put them down and I finally grabbed some lunch. It was really good but it didn’t hold me that long and was SO ready for dinner.
Not gonna lie- I even had a small melt down today around figuring out what I wanted to eat for lunch and totally wanted to give up. Arg!!! I was sluggish today and felt super tired. Need to figure out better breakfast for these days.

Day 7: January 7th

What I ate:

Breakfast: Simple scrambled eggs with grape, strawberries, and cantaloupe.

Lunch: Baked potato with Ghee topped with leftover taco meat from the night before, red onion, and homemade Ranch dressing. The carrots with ranch for dipping.

Dinner: Stuffed cabbage (ground beef, carrots, onion, garlic, pepper) with homemade tomato sauce, steamed yellow squash, mashed potatoes. This doesn’t look like a good meal but it was really good.

I made the Ranch dressing today. I was nervous about it but it was really good.

No snacks for the day.

Drank water all day.

The day overall was much better than yesterday in the hunger department. Today was a busy day so I went for the quick lunch and it was really good. Will probably do that again at some point. Dinner was very good and that is coming from someone that hated cabbage growing up. Miss S loved it, Miss P not so much. I am glad today was better than yesterday without another melt down. But even after all this time, I just want a piece of chocolate, or ice cream, or a cupcake, or ANYTHING! lol

Well, that is the recap for my first week on Whole 30. Praying I can make it the next 3. It really isn’t THAT hard but I am already tired of thinking about my food so much and having to study food labels like no other. But I guess the end result is what I am really going for! I got back into a good workout routine so hopefully that will help me out as well to get that end result. I am looking forward to seeing if I notice any improvement in my skin. I have fought acne my whole life and I hate it so I am hoping I will notice a change in that on top of the body changes. Also, looking forward to the day I feel a little more energy.

Today starts our week 2 so stay tuned for my Week 2 recap.


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