Nature Walk Scavenger Hunt Printable

With summer here and school out, the need to find some fun activities to keep the kids occupied has taken a higher priority.
We have numerous parks within walking distance from our house and I thought it would be fun to create a little nature walk scavenger hunt that we could do as we walked there to make it more fun.
The girls and I enjoyed doing our little scavenger hunt so I wanted to share with all of you to do something different with your kids as well.
I hand drew all the images and left it in black and white so your child could color in the images, either as they find the object or after it was complete. I also included a little box that you can use to mark off the item as well.
I’m all for activities that get us outside and helps wear the kiddos out so they sleep better at night and of course, the added exercise.
So grab a copy for your family, print it out and get outside and have some fun!
¬†Download your copy below. If the below widget isn’t working, you can grab a copy here.
I used “shrink to fit” on my printer when printing it out.


If you are looking for more scavenger hunt ideas, check out My Open Country. They have a great post full of tips and scavenger hunt options.

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