New Additions

So I’ve decided that I want to try to keep up with our blog better and add some new additions. I, of course, will continue with all our updates of everyday life and our adventures but I wanted to share some of my favorite things as well. I am going to try my HARDEST to post something everyday. I enjoy reading other people’s blog everyday and am so impressed with how they keep up with it all. So I thought, what is stopping me from doing this?

Here is the list of new features:
-Military Mondays or Must Have Mondays- I am a part of a fabulous group on Etsy full on military spouses so I want to feature some of these talented artists. And if it isn’t Military Mondays it will be Must Have Mondays to feature some awesome items that are, well, a must have!

-Tasty Tuesday- I will feature some yummy recipes that either I’ve tried or want to try.

-Wordless Wednesday or Wacky Wednesday- I’m sure many of you know what Wordless Wednesday is and I am pretty sure the title explains it all. And Wacky Wednesdays will be a feature of an item or something that I read/heard about that I just think is Wacky, Crazy, and insane!

– Temptation Thursday- This will be items that make me want to run out and get them or some yummy treats that make me want to go on a sugar high! haha

-Friday Favorites, Friday Finds, or Fantastic Fridays- *Friday Favorites: will be some of my favorite items I’ve found on Etsy or otherwise. *Friday Finds: will be some cool items that I’ve run across. And *Fantastic Fridays: will just be things that I think are… Fantastic!

-SUPER Saturday and Sunday- I will only post one day on the weekend so depending on what day it is, it will be either SUPER Saturday or SUPER Sunday. I haven’t fully decided what I want to post on this day. Maybe something that will just brighten everyone’s day. I’ll figure it out!

But I hope that everyone that reads my blog will enjoy my new additions. Again, I will still post everything about us. I just hope that I can stick with this! I better get to researching since I will start this officially on Monday! Wish me luck!! 🙂

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  • ski
    March 6, 2010 at 1:47 am

    Love the new features idea! I need to be better about keeping up with the blog. I didi it daily for a while…and then I got a job outside the house. What was I thinking?? Have a great weekend!!

  • AllMich
    March 6, 2010 at 5:07 pm

    Thanks Leann! Yeah, we'll see how well I keep up with it and I DO work inside the house! Hope you have a great weekend too!