No Sew Mask Holder for Kids

I know most of your kids are probably back to school already, whether it be virtual or brick and mortar, but I still wanted to share these No Sew Mask holders that I created for the girls to help them keep track of their masks during the school day.

We opted to send the girls back to brick and mortar school when this year started so I needed to make sure the girls didn’t lose their masks when they had the opportunity to remove them during the school day so I made these No Sew Mask holders for them. They are essentially a pacifier clip but they are perfect to use with masks.

These are still great to have on hand even if your child is doing virtual schooling as I assume they will still enter stores and whatnot with you.

These are so easy to make as well so it is the perfect quick afternoon project to complete. Here’s how to make them.


  • Ribbon- 1/8″ for the small loop and then 5/8″ or 7/8″ ribbon for the main ribbon
  • Ruler or Yard stick
  • Heat n Bond
  • Suspender clips
  • Lighter or Fray Stop
  • Iron
  • Scissors

Cut the main ribbon 24″ long. You can cut a little shorter as well if you don’t want them to hang as long. Burn the edges of the ribbon with a lighter or use Fray Stop to prevent the ends from fraying.

Cut the small ribbon 6″ long.

Tie the small ribbon into a small loop with a single knot near the bottom. This will be how the holder is attached to the mask.

Slide the suspender clip onto the ribbon toward the center.

Iron on the Heat n Bond onto half of the ribbon.

Peel of the paper backing and place the loop onto the edge of the ribbon. Make sure the knot is sandwiched between the two ribbons when done.

Fold over the ribbon and line up the edge.

Iron the ribbon together.

That’s it! If you are nervous that the knot will pull out, you can place a little Fabric Tac on the end of the ribbon to ensure the ends stay closed.

Again, this is a no sew holder but you can you use Heat n Bond Lite and then sew a stitch along the edge.

Wrap the ribbon loop around the ear strap of the mask and it is good to go.

It’s light weight and stays out of the way while they are working in school.

And when they can remove their mask, it just hangs and they don’t have to worry about losing it.

My girls have really enjoyed having these so they don’t have to worry about their masks at school. Just clip it and forget it! 🙂

No kids in school but still have a little one at home using pacifiers? Create these as adorable pacifier clips to use!

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