No Sew Pillows with Fabric Glue

Hello again!  I’m sure everyone is gearing up for beautiful fall weather and adjusting to back to school routines.  Around my house, I am still trying to finish up the last decorations for my family room renovation.  The hard parts are done, I am just trying to get all of the little pieces in place as soon as possible.
And that includes new pillows.
I don’t sew.  I really need to take the classes I have talked about for years, but the truth is I don’t know how to load the bobbin on the sewing machine I do have so making some simple things like pillows for the new room can be a challenge.  Especially if you are also trying to finish on the smallest budget possible.  I had to improvise to complete these pillows.
I purchased this adorable fabric of dog prints – since this room is the main room for the dogs too – with the intent of finally learning how to operate my sewing machine.  Nine months later and the fabric was still in the bag.  So I headed to JoAnn’s and found an alternate solution by purchasing fabric glue called Unique Stitch.
I have never used fabric glue like this before either but it was worth a try.  
First thing I did was lay out the fabric and measure squares to cut to fit the 16 inch pillow inserts I purchased.  I cut two 16 x 16 inch pieces for the front of the pillows, and four 10 x 16 pieces to create the back pieces with a slit in the middle to insert the pillow form.
To make the pillow cover, you just lay the fabric pieces together, decorative side to the inside together, and apply a thin line of glue around the edges.  This product recommends you wait 24 hours for it to dry so I followed the directions and waited a day to insert the pillow forms.
Are they perfect?  Absolutely NOT! But they are cute in place on the modern chairs.
I actually should have cut the back pieces for the slit a little bigger because once the pillow form was inserted I found that I have a gap in the back of the pillow.  Oh well…at least the pillow actually stayed glued together on the edges.  Crafting is about learning from experience sometimes.
For now, I have two adorable pillows to display for my modern chairs which I plan to remake once I learn how to operate that sewing machine!  I can at least take some of the last reveal photos for the room.  
This month’s view of the room.

Last month’s view of the room
Psst…if you saw last month’s post about the bright yellow table makeover for this room and remember that I had a nice blue rug underneath it, you may notice it is now gone in the new images. My sweet girl dog, Pippin, was bored one day and chewed several holes in the rug.  Now I have to also shop for a replacement rug before the final reveal.  No worries though.  
I hope everyone enjoys the beginning of Fall in your area and I’ll be back next month.
Modern on Monticello

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