Our Playroom

Slowly but surely I am sharing house photos with you guys. 
The playroom has pretty much been done since we moved in but I literally just got the items on the walls so I thought I’d finally show the room to you guys.

This is the way the room looked like before when we moved in.

 Brown walls with stenciled branches and chickadee birds.
On the darker side like much of the rest of the house. The previous owners used this space as their tv room.

And here is the room now.

 Here is the room as you enter the door coming up the back stairs by Miss S’s bedroom.
At the top of the stairs you either go left into her bedroom or go right to enter this room.
This room is actually a pass through to the bathroom and other bedrooms on the second floor.
If need be, it could be a bedroom but we didn’t need it as that so we made it a playroom.
I wanted to brighten up the space so we began by painting the room a super light jade/mint color before our furniture even arrived at the house. 
We placed our loveseat that was in our formal living room in our old house up in this room. I found the rug at Home Goods like many other rugs in the house. Our old coffee table went up into this space as well. The drawers are filled with color books and crayons. The baskets on the shelves have puzzles and all the food and dishes for the kitchen.
As for the table next to the couch, we just used the stacked drink crates with a piece of glass on top that we’ve used in a few other houses.
Since we do have to walk through this room, we had to keep that in mind while figuring out the set up.
I found this console on Amazon and it worked out perfectly. It was skinny enough to be placed on this wall with the tv on top and then it has drawers and shelves along with the totes full of toys. 
I then placed one of the toy baskets in the corner next to it.
 And now I am standing in the other doorway.
There is a closet in the corner and with the entrance straight across from it, we just placed our old trunk in this space with is filled with puzzles and games. On top we just placed the toy bins I created using diaper boxes, which are full of books.
Bean bags sit in the corner in front of the closet waiting for use.
 On the wall above the trunk, I hung the safari painting that used to be in Miss P’s bedroom. Travis brought this painting home from his deployment in Haiti.
 I found this super cute playroom rules canvas at Home Goods and had to get it.
I hung it on the small wall above the table by the couch.

 On the only large wall in the room I hung a few different items creating a gallery wall.
 The small hot air balloon photo and the large blue frame also used to be in Miss P’s old room.
 I hung the string art frame that I created and decorated it with some fun prints and photos, and art from the girls.
Then I framed another print and hung it with it as well. All the prints are from Pen and Paint.
I plan on creating and adding a few other items to this wall just need to figure out what! 🙂
 And this is how the room usually looks. Table is always shoved out of the way and normally the floor is covered in either legos, kitchen toys, dress up clothes, you name it!! 
I still plan on changing up the window treatments. Currently they are
just beige tie up curtains left over by the previous owners. I want a
fun pattern- just need to decide on what!
We enjoy this room. 
Nice to have a room to hide most of the toys!

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