Painted Bud Vases

I told you when I announced that I am taking a little step back that I would be back from time to time with projects that I created and well, I am already back with one for you today. 
 I had this idea and bought everything for this project before I fully decided if I was taking a break or not so this was one that I mentioned that I had to share with you. 
 This project is super easy and I absolutely love how it turned out and how it looks on our faux mantle. 
Here is how to do it! 
-Clear Milk Vases (I found these on clearance at my local Joann Store)
-White Chalk Paint
-Faux Flowers of your choice and color
-Foam Brush
-File or sandpaper
Begin by making sure your glass is clean and dry. 
Then place your fingers inside the vase to hold so you don’t dirty up the glass and this way you won’t get your fingers dirty while painting. 
Paint the vase in vertical strokes and around the rim.
Paint all of your vases and let dry, like for real, LET THEM DRY! 
You need to let them sit for a long time before you attempt to recoat or you will take off the paint as you attempt to do another layer. 
I painted mine in the morning and let them sit all day and painted another coat before bed. 
Then repeated the next day for a total of 4 coats. Also, I painted 2 vertical coats and 2 horizontal coats.
Here are the vases after their 4 coats of paint.
Time to distress! Take a file or sandpaper and rub the vase in certain places to expose the glass below the paint.
Now this is totally optional! You don’t have to do this part if you don’t like the distressed look.
Work around the vase until you have the amount of distressing that you like. 
And that’s it! 
Trim down your faux flowers and place in each vase. I love ranunculus so I bought stems of faux ranunculus in a few colors and put one stem per vase.
I coordinated the flowers with the colors in my living room pillows and placed them in a pattern on our mantle. 
I love how simple yet vibrant they look! 
I created these for my Valentine’s Day mantle but I am pretty sure they are going to stay up through the spring with how much I like these on my mantle. 
Here’s a quick glimpse of my Valentine’s day mantle so far. Still need to make a few tweaks but I like how simple it is.
This is such an easy project and like I said, I just love how it turned out!
 I’ll be back next week with another project so stay tuned!

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