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Holy cow! 2 creative posts in 1 week… who am I?! lol

Today, I am sharing a super easy project that is PERFECT for Mother’s Day. Any mom or grandmother would love this sweet little keepsake.

This is an easy project and here is how you can create one for yourself.

-White Cardstock Paper
-Painters Tape
-Acrylic Paint
-Patterned Scrapbook Paper

Begin by tracing your child’s hand on a sheet of white cardstock paper.

Once the hand is traced, fill the entire hand with painter’s tape. Make sure to rub the tape down well to minimize bleeding.

Make sure to rub the tape down well to minimize bleeding.

Once the hand is completely taped, it is time for your child to get their paint on!

Let your child paint as much or as little of the paper they want but make sure they at least paint around the whole hand print so when you remove the tape, you will be able to fully see it.

Once the paint is dry, peel the tape off to reveal the hand print.

Miss S got in on the action as well and she was in heaven!

She didn’t cover the paper as much as Miss P did but that is no big deal at all!

Next, trim the hand prints to smaller images.

It is now time to cut a mat to frame the artwork.
Cut a piece of scrapbook paper to the correct size of the frame you will be using. I cut my to 8×10.
Trace the hand prints on the BACK side of the mat.

Using a paper cutter, trim the center of the traced image out.
DO NOT cut directly on the line. You will need to cut inside the line a little so the mat covers the edge of the image it will be be bordering.

 Here you can see how I cut my mat inside the traced lines.

Now just lay your prints into the proper hole and tape to the back of the mat. 

Place it in a frame and you are done!!
I wrote the girl’s names on their hand print and the date we made these. You could do the same or write their age. Write a sweet message around the hand prints… whatever!

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