Pitcher Flower Arrangement Watercolor

watercolor wednesday

Hello, hello! It’s time for another Watercolor Wednesday and this week I am sharing how to create this Pitcher Flower Arrangement painting.

This painting take us back to the basics a little bit but I wanted to create something with bright and cheery colors so I thought this would be a great way to achieve that. Here’s how to create it.

Here are the Art Impression stamps I used to create this painting. If you don’t have these exact flowers or leaves, use what you do have on hand.

I moved away from my normal color palette to do something super bright and colorful. Here are the markers that I used.

  • No 45 Sepia
  • No 8 Violet
  • No 36 Manganese Blue
  • No 96 Jungle Green
  • No 5 Yellow
  • No 22 Lemon Yellow
  • No 94 Scarlet
  • No 19 Carmine
  • No 83 Butterscotch

I used another leftover piece of watercolor paper so this size is a 4×5.

Begin by inking the pitcher with sepia.

Press the pitcher in the center of the paper but down toward the bottom so you have room for the flowers and leaves.

Drag the color out of the lines focusing on the sides, bottom, inside the handle, and the bottom side of the spout.

Now it is time to paint the body of the pitcher. Begin with the Lemon Yellow and paint it throughout but leaving a highlight in the center of the pitcher. Then, using just Yellow, go back over the lemon yellow down the sides, bottom, under the spout, and inside the handle. Once the yellow dries, just add a tiny bit of sepia toward the bottom of the pitcher.

Ink the daisy bunch stamp with Carmine, you can do whole stamp or only half of it, but just stamp it where ever you’d like to have them in the arrangement.

Dip your brush in water and pinch it off and dab at the flowers to soften.

Ink the vine stamp with Jungle Green and then stamp it around the flowers to fill the area. Dip your brush in water and soften the vines.

Ink the stem flowers with butterscotch and add them to the outside to add a little more color. Add a tiny bit of water to the flowers.

Lastly, paint a table top for the pitcher to sit on with the violet and then paint the background with the manganese blue. And if you’d like, paint some stripes on the pitcher with the scarlet.

There you have it! Sign and date it decide if you want to turn it into a card or pop it in a frame. It makes a great gift to brightened someone’s day.

Thanks for joining me for this week’s tutorial. Join me next week for a whole new watercolor tutorial.

Watch the step by step video to paint along with me to create your own painting.

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