Plant a Window Sill Herb Garden

Hello, this is Donna again from Modern on Monticello and I’m here to share one of the projects I had planned for April as part of my “getting ready for Spring” adventures.
Spring and warmer weather create an urge in me to plant
things.  I am sure I’m not the only
one.  I just want to plant flowers,
veggies and new shrubs and imagine I will have this perfect garden this
year to enjoy and the neighbors will be jealous over.  Well…reality isn’t always so kind
but I still try every year to plant some new things and enjoy the process.
This year I started with a window sill herb garden.

My husband recently attended a church fundraiser for our
youth group and brought home a beautiful gift basket he won that included these
hanging mason jar planters complete with soil pods and seeds from a company
called Modern Gourmet Foods.  These jars
are part of The Flavor Garden gift set and can be found on Amazon and at other
retailers like Target.

Of course you can plant a herb garden in any type of small
container, a bag of potting mix and seed packets. 
I just like how pretty these jars are and how easy it was to start the kit and plant the
This gift basket is almost foil proof and I can’t wait to
see these plants grow.
If you are working with soil pods, you will need to fill the
container halfway with water, insert the pods, and allow them to expand for an
hour or so.  It really is just as easy as
that.  If you don’t have a “kit” for your
herb garden, you can easily find these soil pods at Walmart, Lowe’s, Home Depot
and Tractor Supply.  
After the soil pod has expanded, you create a small hole in
the soil and pour in the seed packet. 
Cover up the seed and follow the directions on the seed packets on how to
care and maintain each different type of herb.
To identify what is planted in each jar, I cut out the tag
on the packaging and taped it to the front of each jar. You can also tape the seed packets to the front of the containers as well.
For now my jars are on the window sill of the screened porch room to get the maximum amount of light during the day.  Depending on how well they do, I will move them to another location if needed.
I know not everyone can plant a garden, but you can easily
plant a window sill herb garden and enjoy the benefits.  It just takes a few containers, soil, and seeds – or better yet – purchase an inexpensive kit and quickly get to planting and enjoy.
Until next month,

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