Potted Cactus Watercolor Painting

Hello everyone and welcome to another Watercolor Wednesday! I sure hope that you guys are doing well and staying healthy and sane, lol. If you are bored, join me in painting this week’s painting for a little fun!

This painting uses quite a few stamps but it can be completed in under 20 minutes. Here’s how to create it yourself.

Here are the stamps I used to create this painting. Everything is circled and as you can see in the Southwest set we use everything but the one cactus with an X on it.

Here are the markers I used for my painting. I kept my painting pretty monotone but feel free to add some color to your pot or whatever.

  • No 15 Olive Green
  • No 72 Pine Green
  • No 17 Steel Blue
  • No 45 Sepia
  • No 86 African Violet

I cut my watercolor paper into a 4×4 square for this painting.

We will begin with the large pot stamp. Ink the stamp in two colors, first African Violet and followed by Sepia.

Press the stamp in the center of your paper but below the center line to leave room for the cactus in the pot. Be sure not to go too far down where you don’t have room for the rocks below the pot as well.

Dip your brush in water and pinch off the excess water, then drag the color out of the lines.

Continuing layering colors on top until you get the desired shading of the pot. Once the pot is dry, take the thin end of your marker and redraw in any lines that may have gotten too washed out.

Using a post-it note or post-it tape, tape over the pot lining the edge of the paper with the top of the pot.

Ink the large cactus stamp with sepia.

Press the stamp into the pot. I placed mine on the right side of the pot and overlapped the tape slightly so ensure it was “down in” the pot.

Do not remove the tape yet. Next, ink the aloe leaves with Sepia followed by Olive Green.

Press the aloe leaves into the left side of your pot. Then remove the tape.

Dab the aloe leaves to soften them but make sure you don’t have a lot of water on your brush so you don’t lose the texture from the stamp.

For the cactus, place olive green and pine green along with sepia onto your pallet. I started with olive green and painted in the cactus. I followed with pine green to darken some areas and give some texture. I then add the sepia anywhere I wanted to cactus to be darker yet until I had the look I was going for.

So I made a big mistake and forgot to take photos of the next few steps! Sorry!! SOOOO….

Ink the small leaves with Pine green and add those above the aloe leaves for some added height. Soften with water.

Next, ink the large rock with African Violet followed by Sepia and stamp that next to the pot. Drag the color out of the lines and darken with a mixture of African violet and sepia.

Then ink the small grass stamp with sepia. Press the stamp into the center area of the pot along with along the ground around the pot and rocks. Drag the color up and out.

Ink the small blooms with sepia and stamp it below the pot. I think these make the perfect little pebbles.

Soften the pebbles with water.

Place some steel blue on your pallet and paint in the sky.

And that’s it! Sign and date it and then put it into a frame or turn it into a card. Perfect little painting to brighten someone’s day.

Join me next week for another Watercolor Wednesday post. 🙂

Be sure to watch the video below if you have any questions especially since I forgot to take a few photos of some steps.

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