Poured Frosting Heart Brownie Bites

On Tuesday I shared Chocolate Covered Heart Brownie Bites and I actually had this idea in that post but wanted to give this portion of that post, it’s very own post. 

Instead of using melted chocolate, this second option all you need is a can of frosting and it is also utterly delicious!! In fact, I think I like this version a little more than the chocolate covered version.
I learned this trick from my blogging friend Courtney from Sweet C’s Designs and it is sooooo awesome!

Bake your brownies and let cool.
Using a heart cookie cutter, or any other cutter you’d like to use, cut out as many hearts out of the brownies as possible.

Next, place your brownie hearts on a cooling rack with wax paper UNDER the cooling rack.
Then, in the microwave heat up the frosting for two 15 second intervals stirring in between.
You want the frosting to be runny but not too runny so if it is too thin, let it stand for about a minute to thicken back up.
Now it is time to frost the brownies.
Guys, this part can be difficult if you don’t use frosting a lot. 
Are you ready? 
Pick up the can of frosting, and POUR, yes pour, it onto the brownie hearts. 
Let the frosting drip over the edge and if there are areas that don’t get covered, then just go back and pour more near the edge where it needs to be covered.
Told you, SOOO difficult! 😉 
Let the brownies sit for a few minutes and let the extra frosting drip off onto the wax paper.
Top with sprinkles or sugar or whatever and let the frosting firm up for a while.
You could also place them back in the freezer to help firm up the frosting.
These are seriously so good! 
They taste just like a Little Debbie cake! YUM!! 
I hope you make one of these versions for yourself! 
They are so fun and easy!

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