Prevent those Saggy Bottoms with New Pampers Cruisers

When I was in high school, my principal would always say something about guys having “sagging, bagging britches” and to this day every time I see my child with a diaper that is hanging low, I hear his voice say that. 
 I have used Pampers diapers ever since Miss P was born and still love them to this day with Miss S so when I heard that Pampers made some changes to their Pampers Cruisers to make them sag less with new extra absorb channels that help distribute wetness evenly and keep your baby drier, I had to run out to my local Target store to grab some. 

It isn’t too often that Miss S’s diaper is so incredibly wet that it sags but it does happen after naps sometimes, if we are driving long distances or if we are out running errands. 
 I took this picture of her after her nap one day and as you can see, it is quite full and quite low and she clearly isn’t happy that I am taking her picture. Shhh, don’t tell her that I put it up here on the blog! 😉 
She clearly isn’t wearing shorts right now but if she was, it would look like she perhaps had something in her diaper other than it just being wet. I always feel bad when I notice her diaper looking like this and want to get her changed pretty quickly.
The new Pampers Cruisers fit nice and even when we were traveling to TN, they didn’t seem quite so full when we were able to stop to change her diaper.
Of course, they are still great with a baby on the go that is constantly exploring and moving all parts of her body!
I never have to worry about these diapers not holding in the wetness or those nasty stinky diapers no matter what she is doing. 
Yay for no more sagging, bagging britches!! 
And another plus is that kiddos don’t look like they have a super full nasty diaper when they are clothed either! Gotta love that!
Pop by your local Target store or online and snag some new Pampers Cruisers for yourself!
Now through September 5, Buy 2 Pampers Giant Packs, Get $10 Gift Card! (Giant Packs include: Pampers Cruisers and Pampers Swaddlers diapers and both offers will be available in store and online)
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