Princess Wands

At Miss P’s birthday party I wanted to have some sort of craft or activity for the little princesses to create. 
I first thought crowns but then I realized I was giving them each a crown as a favor so it why should they also make a crown. I then was thinking perhaps buying small wooden or paper mache boxes for them to decorate as jewelry boxes but then that was going to be more expensive than I wanted to spend. 
 After speaking with Travis, he thought about scepters or wands and I totally agreed. 
And here is the result.

They are fun to make and pretty easy too!
Here’s how I did it!

– Thin wooden stars (I found these at Michael’s)
– Dowel rods
-Glue or mod podge
– Hot Glue Gun

 Begin be attaching the star to the dowel rod.
Use a small hand saw and slice a hole in the center of the tip of the dowel rod. Place a little wood glue in the slice and push the star into the dowel. Place a small clamp on the dowel until the glue is dry.
 Once the glue has dried you are good to go on decorating.
I began by wrapping the dowel with ribbon first but you could always start with the star if you’d like.
I just placed a small bead of hot glue on the top of the dowel near the star and wrapped the ribbon down the rod.
Wrap down, gaps will be between the ribbon, once you get to the bottom, wrap the ribbon back up to the top. It should cover up any gaps left from going down the first time.
 I wrapped my dowel in white ribbon but you could use any color you’d like.
 Next it is time to cover the star.
I chose to glitter the star but you could easily just color the star or paint it if you’d rather go that route instead.
If you glitter your star, just coat the star with mod podge or another form of glue, edges included.
 Sprinkle the glitter on and tap off the excess.
If there are any areas that don’t get covered with the glitter, just add a little more glue and more glitter.
 Next, pick a few accent ribbons and tie them near the top of the dowel for some fun tassels.

This is the wand Miss P created at her party. Mostly pink for the pink loving girl!

All the girls loved making their wands.

With the age group that was at out party, it was a lot of adult supervision/help but if your kids are a little older, they should be able to do the majority of it alone with just little supervision.


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