Quick and Easy Owl Wreath

Yesterday I shared all the details of Miss S’ owl themed first birthday party and I shared a picture of the owl wreath I put on the door to greet guests. 
Today, I will show you how fast and easy it is to make!
It is seriously so easy! 
-Wreath Form
-Coffee Filters
-Ink pad
-Hot Glue Gun

Start by hot gluing the end of the yarn down and wrapping the wreath form with the yarn. 
Continue wrapping the yarn until the whole thing is covered. Make sure it is tight on the wreath so the form doesn’t show through the yarn.
Next, cut the tulle to the length that you want your wings to be. You will be tying this around the wreath so be sure to take that into account when determining the length. 
I just wrapped a piece and decided what I was happy with then cut it. Then cut more the same length.
 Tie the tulle around the wreath and knot it. I used 8 pieces of tulle per wing.
I wanted the wings a little fuller so I cut some tulle in shorter lengths than the first layer and tied them between the first layers. I used 6 shorter pieces.
Here are both wings complete.
For the eyes, take three coffee filters and cut them down so they all fit inside each other. 
I used ink on the edges to add a little color to the eye. 
Glue the pieces together and draw a black dot in the center for the pupil. 
I also crumpled up the eye to give it more texture
 Glue the eyes onto the wreath form.
I cut a triangle to use for the beak out of brown paper then just taped it to the back of the eyes.
That’s it!! 
For the party, I placed a chalkboard onto the owl by using a push pin on the back side to make it look like the owl was holding it.
It was a fun way to greet guests and get them ready for what they may find inside!


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  • Michelle Katseanes
    November 14, 2014 at 4:35 pm

    Allison, this is so so cute and so very clever! Thanks for sharing! PINNED!