Quick End Table Makeover

I gave one our end tables a super quick little makeover last week. Nothing too crazy but since I haven’t shared much lately, I thought I would share this with all of you. 
I searched every where for a good before picture. I am sure I have a better picture some where but of course when I go to search for it, it is no where to be found. All well! So I had it in the background of a picture and cropped it so you could see it better. 
  Travis picked up this table when we lived in CO at a small consignment store about 5 minutes from our house. 
It was originally brown wood and he took the top off and replaced it with some old painted wood that was an old fence and then we painted it white. We painted the knobs and the little covers on the feet a turquoise. 
We weren’t suppose to keep this table. He redid it to just resell it and then it got put in our house and kinda stayed. lol 
So after moving and placing it in our new house in the living room, the white was way to bright with the other furniture we had so it needed a quick face lift. 
I got some American Decor Chalk Paint from Decor Art in gray and repainted the table.

The top of the table was pretty rough, Travis never sanded it, and some of the paint was flaking off so I gave it a good sanding. I didn’t want one of the girls to get a splinter from it since it was now in our main living room and would be use more. 
I then actually took some brown stain and stained the wood then freaked! It was too dark with the gray and it made the white way too cream so I eventually took some white acrylic paint and dry brushed it on the top. So much better this way and goes with the cool gray so much better! 
I repainted the knobs white and then took some silver to show off the little accents around the center. I gave the whole thing a coat with pearlescent white paint. 
I also painted the little covers on the feet white and painted them with the pearlescent paint.
 It lives on the left side of our sofa and you see it as soon as you walk into our house. It fits in so much better now with the new rug we bought and with our other tables in the room.
Here is a quick shot of the table and our new rug. 
I will share the room as a whole once our construction downstairs is complete in a few days.


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