Rainbow Umbrella Watercolor

Happy Wednesday, (it is Wednesday right?!) everyone! It is time for another Watercolor Wednesday post. 🙂

Today, I am sharing this cute Rainbow Umbrella with raindrops. It only uses one stamp and is so easy to complete!

I thought this would be a fun April showers painting but also to it is kind of fitting with all that is going on in the world right now and to show that after the rain, comes color and life.

Here’s how to create it.

This painting is on a small 3 x 3 square.

Again, we only need one stamp, the umbrella out of the Beach Girls Set.

We do use a lot of markers for this painting though.

  • No 86 African Violet
  • No 45 Sepia
  • No 17 Steel Blue
  • No 46 Crimson Lake
  • No 7 Orange
  • No 43 Brilliant Yellow
  • No 15 Olive Green
  • No 50 Ulltramarine
  • No 8 Violet

Ink the Umbrella stamp with two colors- Sepia first followed by African Violet

Press the stamp into the center of the paper.

Drag the color out of the lines in the under side of the umbrella, slightly next to the line on the top of the umbrella, and then down one side of the handle.

On your pallet, color each marker with the colors of the rainbow. Then paint in each section in rainbow order (ROYGBIV). Add multiple layers to darken near the bottom of the umbrella and let it lighten towards the top.

Using the thin side of the African Violet marker, draw in a handle for the umbrella. Also, go over the lines of the underside of the umbrella to darker. (sorry the photo is so blurry! )

Add sepia to the handle.

Using the thin tip of the Steel Blue marker, draw blue raindrops above the umbrella.

Then using the thin tips of the other markers, draw in raindrops, each color section of the rainbow has that color raindrops under it.

And that’s it! Sign and date and turn it into a card or pop into a frame. 🙂

Join me next week for a new Watercolor Wednesday post. If there is something that you’d like me to paint and share, please let me know in the comments or in an email. 🙂

Check out the video below to follow along as I teach you step by step on how to create this painting.

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