Reclaimed Wood Trees

I was out shopping one afternoon with my mom when she was in town and we stopped at a little shop in town that I’ve been wanting to go to for a while now. It is a fun little store with lots of reclaimed finds, furniture pieces, and unique decor and the store was decorated with Christmas decor. 
I spotted this MASSIVE Christmas tree made out of old pickets from a fence and it had lights strung on it and it was so fun! I snapped a picture to show Travis, you know, just in case he wanted to be creative.
We didn’t have any fence pickets but we did have some old wood so I was lucky enough that Travis was in the mood to get creative and made some trees for me on a much smaller scale with some reclaimed wood.

He only made one to start and I told him that it looked lonely and needed a little family. lol He had enough wood to make 2 more and I pretty much forced him to take photos while he created the so I could share them with all of you. 
Here’s how you can make some for yourself.
-Reclaimed wood or new wood would work as well
-Miter Saw
-Table Saw
-Wood Glue
-Staple Gun
-Nail Gun

  Begin by trimming your board to the length that you would like the height of your tree.
 Then cut one end of the of the board into a point, like a normal picket fence.
Using a miter saw, cut your boards to different lengths for the branches. If I remember correctly, Travis cut them in 9, 11, and 13 inch pieces.
Once your boards are cut, cut the board in half using a table saw. This will create the 2 halves of the branch.

You will then need to trim just ONE of the halves down that amount of the width of your branch pieces. So if your branch pieces are 2 inches wide, trim one board 2 more inches.
Next, line the two halves up in a V with the longer half overlapping on top of the shorter half.
Using a staple gun, staple the two pieces together to hold them.
Apply some wood glue to the back area where the two meet to create the point.
Then place the branches onto the trunk of the tree. You will glue it at the very top of the board, covering your very first cut that created the picket.
Using a nail gun, nail the branched onto the tree trunk.
Continue making the branches and work your way down the tree until you have the look you want.
Once the glue has time to set up a few minutes, flip the tree over and nail into each branch from behind to make sure they are secure.
This part is optional depending on what type of wood you are using but we applied a clear coat or poly to them to help prevent the the white paint from chipping more.
And that’s it! 
Originally, Travis created for me to use the tree indoors but I decided they would be super cute in our front garden that is now empty because of winter so he made some stacks and added them to the back.
We scattered them in a cluster in the garden and they look great! If I can find some lights, I may string a few lights on them so they glow at night but that is still up for debate. 
I hope you like them and if you make your own little wood trees, please share them with me!


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    November 18, 2016 at 10:48 pm

    LOVE it