Reindeer Name Art

I shared this in another post that had some other information with it so I wanted to give it its own post so it wouldn’t get lost.
I totally love this project and am thrilled with how it turned out! 

Reindeer Name Art:

Here’s the how to:
-Vinyl (12×12 sheet for this project)
-Paint brushes
-Silhouette Machine
-Computer to use Silhouette Softward

To start, I opened my Silhouette software and designed what I wanted to cut out onto the piece of vinyl.

When I was happy with the layout, I loaded the vinyl into my machine and cut.
I gave my canvas a clean coat of white paint and let it dry.
My canvas was a 14×14 size canvas, so I measured in 1 inch on all sides since my piece of vinyl was only 12×12. This way it would be centered on my canvas.
Then apply the vinyl to the canvas. 
I was only using the negative image since I was using the vinyl as a stencil, so be sure to keep the inside pieces of all the letters! 
Be sure to rub and smooth out the vinyl to make sure it sticks to the canvas well so minimize paint bleeding under it. 
I painted the reindeer at the top brown.
Be sure to start with the paint brush on the vinyl and brush into the design. This will help minimize bleeding.
I painted Rudolph’s name red for his red nose of course.
Then I painted the other reindeer names green.
I gave a couple coats to everything.
Since I had an inch open on all sides, I painted that area red to make a border.
I added some white polka dots for a little whimsy.
I also touched up the reindeer and the names a little when I took the vinyl off if there were areas that did bleed.
I outlined the border in black along with the white dots. 
I didn’t care if they weren’t perfect lines or outlines because I wanted it to look like I freehanded them.
I love how it came out! 
Can’t wait to hang it up for the holiday season!


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  • Lindy
    December 6, 2013 at 3:38 pm

    Allison – this is wonderful!!! I love how it turned out!